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Growing and Sharing Flavorsome Fresh Produce with Australians for Over 40 Years

Perfection Fresh Company Story

A History Rich in Agriculture

A family legacy

We’re what you might call a home-grown company – in more ways than one! For over 40 years we’ve operated as a family business. We have a long history in agriculture and together with the Australian farming community we grow the freshest, most flavoursome produce around.

It’s a legacy of flavour perfection that’s been handed down through the family. From our founder Tony Simonetta right through to our 500+ staff, who share our passion for bringing you unforgettable, fresh flavours.


We pursue flavour perfection. Since 1978, we’ve been traveling the world searching for produce that’s tastier. And when we find the absolute best, we bring it home to Australia. To grow, perfect, share, and enjoy.


Perfection Fresh Company Values

We pursue perfection every day, by making sure we do everything with PRIDE.

At perfect we are guided by our five key values; passion, respect, innovation, discipline and a strong sense of ethics.

Perfection Fresh Social Initiatives

We support the communities in which we operate

Some of or social initiative partners: