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The Perfect Partnership

Build Your Own bowl

How could we make our Perfection Berries even better? By partnering with one of our favourite brands Carman's!

These Porridge Sachets containing Acai are just divine when topped with our beautiful berries and other additions such as nuts and nut butters!

About Perfection Berries

Berries that look good, and are good for you!

Our Perfection Berries are grown with love and picked with passion, so each one is amazingly fresh, irresistibly delicious, and bursting with goodness. Every time you eat delicious Perfection Berries you are doing wonders to your body

How To With Perfection Berries

3 ways with Perfection Berries

Perfection berries are perfect for use all year! you can enjoy them straight from the punnet for a delicious snack. Use them fresh to make one of our delicious recipes, or you can save your leftover berries for later use by freezing, pickling or turning them into a jam!

How To With Perfection Raspberries

Raspberries Love

Our Perfection Raspberries are perfect on their own, however if you want to get creative our Raspberries love to be paired with all sorts of yummy foods!

How To With Perfection Strawberries

Strawberries Love

Perfection Strawberries are simply gorgeous by themselves, but if you want to change things up you can't go wrong with these pairing options!

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The Perfect Pick

Perfection Farms

Perfection Berries are grown in two main regions or climates, a cooler climate in Tasmania and a warmer climate in Queensland.

Having two growing climates allows for different harvesting times, allowing for Perfection Berries to be available most of the year!

No matter where our berries are grown, each one is handpicked to meet our high standards, delivering you the perfect pick, every time.

Perfection Berries Recipes

Try Out Perfection Berries In These Recipes



  • 20 + 20min chilling
  • Afternoon
  • Intermediate



  • 5 mins + 4 hours freezing
  • Morning

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