October 29, 2021


#cook2connect - plate for a mate

Through food, Plate for a Mate raises funds for Australia's vulnerable, helping to create lasting impact. Food encourages people to lower their guards and bond over shared meals, which enables conversations. Plate for a Mate allows people to reconnect with loved ones while also helping those in need.Share a Plate with A Mate - Plate For A Mate

A new campaign, #Cook2Connect is being led by Manu Feildel and will showcase recipes from several of the Australasian region's iconic food. 

Manu and Clarissa Feildel will be joined by a line-up of top chefs and foodies, including; Jason Roberts, Alex Adams, Tom Walton, Adam D'Sylva with many more to encourage Australians to 'share a plate with a mate', a new campaign to help support and raise funds for OzHarvest and the Black Dog Institute.


The #Cook2Connect video series will bring viewers inside the kitchens of cooking icons, showing them how to prepare dishes that are meaningful. 

For many, the pandemic has left them without jobs, facing uncertainties surrounding food security and access to fresh fruit & vegetables. In the past 12 months, OzHarvest has been tackling record levels of food insecurity and loneliness, with a 47% increase in demand. 

Ashley Killeen, Head of Impact at OzHarvest said "The last year has been challenging for everyone and we've seen so many new people turning to charities for the first time in their lives."

Perfection Fresh is proud to be supporting OzHarvest through the #HomeCooked campaign in 2020, and now the #Cook2Connect campaign in 2021.

During a time when a lot of Australians are doing it tough, we continue to ensure access to food for themselves and their family. 

#Cook2Connect highlights the importance of preparing and sharing meals together. At Perfection Fresh, we see the importance of sharing Aussie grown produce around the country to support healthy snacking, sharing meals and entertaining. We are forever creating new recipes to help encourage consumers with different ways of using fresh produce with food for a purpose. Browse our delicious recipes, showcasing our large range of produce for inspiration. 

Perfection Fresh CEO, Michael Simonetta has committed to continue to support OzHarvest beyond these campaign initiatives to help ensure all Australians food needs are supported. 

OzHarvest needs help to feed the millions of Australians going hungry right now. Every $1 will help to provide 2 meals for someone in need. 

Find out how you can help support OzHarvest

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Jason Roberts - Butter Chicken Wings using Mix-a-Mato® tomatoes.











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