Perfection Fresh launches raspberry traceability with FreshChain

August 20, 2021

Perfection Fresh launches consumer focused traceability on raspberries with FreshChain Systems.

Perfection Fresh have launched a consumer traceability and provenance discovery tool on its Raspberries coming from its farms in Caboolture, QLD. The tool is powered by FreshChain Systems, a fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that enables traceability from the food we eat.

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The raspberries in the trial are grown in specially designed berry tunnels in Caboolture,
Queensland, once picked from the bush, raspberries are packed in a temperature-controlled atmosphere to retain the flavour and integrity for consumers.

Luke Gibson, Head of Marketing at Perfection Fresh said he is excited consumers can now access greater information about where and when their food comes from.

“Consumers are telling us that they want more than just the product, they are looking for an experience that connects them to the produce and growers, and to learn more about our world class produce. Changes in consumer behaviour like universal QR code usage enables us to link our physical packs with digital environments, providing a unique opportunity to engage our consumers in a new way, in real time, sharing real insights with them by simply scanning a unique FreshChain QR code using any smartphone”.

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Greg Calvert, Director of FreshChain Systems was very pleased to support this Perfection Fresh initiative. “The digital world is upon us and there are some wonderful opportunities to engage in a whole new way. The ability, trust and scanning rates of QR codes is unprecedented and so it is just a matter of determining the level of value you want to extract from all things digital.


 Raspberries are a classic example of a beautiful product that has so much more to offer. By sharing not only the product but the ways to store it, the farm's certifications, new ways to use in cooking and fun facts, helps maintain and educate curious minds. Growers have recognised that these are much more than labels, they are valuable digital assets of the business now and into the future.”

Calvert also stressed the importance of using industry standards like GS1 to ensure systems can speak the same language. “Our QR codes are serialised, unique and GS1 Digital Link enabled as we ready for the future of a single 2D QR barcode for checkouts and consumers.”

Luke Gibson was keen to not only share more information about provenance with consumers but initiate more two-way interactions by gathering insights on how consumers were responding to our products.

“Understanding consumer preferences helps us determine why people choose Perfection Fresh raspberries over another brand. This QR code trial gives consumers an opportunity to rate our product, before and after eating and give us feedback on the whole experience.” finished Luke.

Calvert finished by saying “Growers own a treasure trove of data and associated insights which are highly sought after. This is a great way to better understand their customer and use these insights to leverage those understandings in an ever-changing world”

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About Perfection Fresh
Perfection Fresh Australia is one of the country’s largest privately owned fresh produce businesses. The company owns several farms across the country, including glasshouses and berry farms and a network of farmers that grow their exclusive varieties. The business is renowned for leading innovation and marketing in horticulture, having introduced some of Australia’s best loved produce brands such as Calypso® mangoes, Broccolini®, Qukes® baby cucumbers, Mix-a-Mato® tomatoes, Kumato® tomatoes and Perfection Berries.
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About FreshChain Systems
FreshChain Systems is an Australian technology company connecting farmers with consumers. Using advanced blockchain enabled traceability, turning data into insights.
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Please contact Perfection Fresh for more information or interviews:
Luke Gibson at or 0428 003 349


Perfection Fresh launches raspberry traceability with FreshChain

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Perfection Fresh launches raspberry traceability with FreshChain

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