Shape Up To Qukes® This Summer

October 5, 2021

Fall in love with Perfection’s cute Qukes® this summer. These baby cucumbers will help you to stay in control of your weight as they provide a nutritious, low calorie snack that won’t have you reaching for the nearest packet of fattening crisps.

Think of Qukes® as baby cucumbers that are easy to enjoy as they do not have to be peeled or de-seeded. They require no 'prep', aside from washing and they remain satisfyingly crunchy.

Qukes® May Be Small But They Pack A Powerful, Healthy Punch

These little torpedos of taste and goodness are rich in folate for healthy cells and bursting with fibre and vitamin C. They’re an effortless and enjoyable way to add nutrition. Qukes® are a look good, feel good treat.

They’re So Cute, Qukes® Are An Instant Hit In The Office

Perfection’s Qukes® are the smart way to snack and you can take them anywhere. Wrap them in ham, salami, cheese or prosciutto as you head out the door for work and this little flavour hit, will leave you feeling satisfied. You won’t even need to buy a muffin or a croissant as you reach the office, which is a saving on calories right there.

Pack a few of these delicious Qukes® into an insulated lunch bag for an on-the-go snack that’s easily digestible and will keep you feeling sharp and focused throughout the day.

You’ll notice the difference straight away as sugary snacks can not only give you a brain fade mid-afternoon but leave you craving more of them. With Perfection’s Qukes®, you’ll feel a little pop of pleasure, while also adding to your all-important daily intake of greens.

Qukes® Are A Fashionable Essential

Perfection Qukes® love coming to the party and they’re a sociable snack. Their tiny shape makes them an 'Insta' hit on any grazing platter, especially with a dip or two. It’s all about the explosion of flavour and the play of textures as you bite into crunchy Qukes®, covered in a swirl of smooth dip. They also look particularly appealing in salad bowls or arrayed around platters.

Qukes avocado nori rolls sliced in half and laid out in small plates.


Qukes® Make Cute Sushi

There are so many different ways to enjoy Qukes® mini cucumbers including Qukes® Baby Sushi Rolls, wrapped in nori and ready to dip into soy sauce.

Take 1 sheet of Nori seaweed, 2/3 cup of sushi rice, cooked, 4 Qukes® baby cucumbers sliced vertically and then sliced again and a teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds.

Bring the rice to room temperature and ensure that the nori is crisp and dry. Fold the nori sheet into halves, making two rectangles of 10cm x 20cm.

Lay the nori on a bamboo sushi, horizontally, then spread the rice from the bottom edge to about 1cm from the top edge. Place the Qukes® on the rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Using the bamboo mat, lift the bottom edge of the nori, roll over and curl under to form your baby roll.  Wet your finger and run across the nori to ensure that the seaweed sticks. Roll completely and then admire your handiwork.

Qukes, broccolini and cucumber green smoothie.

Mix It Up With Qukes®

Qukes® are the coolest addition to the cocktail hour. Introducing the Qukes®-Tini, which combines gin, vermouth and muddled Qukes® for one of the most refreshing cocktails of the summer.

Simply take two Qukes® baby cucumbers, one full jigger of vodka or gin and a half a jigger of vermouth.

Slice the Qukes®, reserving a few round slices for garnish and place into a cocktail shaker. Use a muddler or a wooden spoon to muddle or crush the slices to bring out even more of their delicious flavour. Add ice and the liquors

Put the lid on the cocktail shaker and shake for at least 30 seconds to beautifully blend the flavours, then pour into martini glasses and garnish with little round slices of Qukes®.  Who knew cocktails could be so refreshing.

Mocktail drinkers will love the Qukes® Quake - a smoothie with slices of Qukes®, strawberry and pineapple. It’s positively addictive.

Combine Qukes® baby cucumbers (no need to peel) sliced pineapple and frozen strawberries with light coconut milk, water, lime zest, lime juice and crushed ice in a blender and blend on high until creamy and smooth. Garnish with Qukes® slices for the perfect summer mocktail.

A bowl of salad with diced Qukes, diced mango, feta cheese and mint salsa.

Qukes® Bring In The Sunshine

One of the reasons why Perfection’s Qukes® taste so good is because they’re farm fresh and grown right here in Australia. These adorable baby cucumbers have been lovingly cultivated to have a sun sweetened flavour with a crisp, mild skin and a cool cleansing crunch.

Their sweet, snack friendly size also makes them a favourite with children as they fit right into tiny hands with a cute crunch. Qukes® baby cucumbers are so much more satisfying than a packet of potato crisps.

You see, Perfection Qukes® have already had their moment in the sun and now they’re ready to share yours.

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Shape Up To Qukes® This Summer

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Shape Up To Qukes® This Summer

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