Perfection Tomatoes

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Perfection is proud to have a diverse range of large and small tomatoes which are 100% Australian grown and available twelve months of the year!

Our Perfection Tomatoes are suitable for a variety of eating occasions thanks to our extensive range that can be used for snacking, tossing, slicing, and cooking! Our Perfection Tomatoes range includes Monterosa®, Mix-a-Mato®, Kumato®, Ruby Burst®, Solanato®, Petite Tomatoes™, Romatherapy®.

Monterosa® Tomatoes

Simply Irresistible

Our Monterosa® tomato features intense aromas and the perfect combination of flavour, texture, shape and colour. It's asymmetrical shape and delicate flavour help it to stand out from the average tomato.

Monterosa® Tomatoes

Mix-a-Mato® Tomatoes

A Rainbow of Sensational Sweetness

Our Mix-a-Mato® Tomatoes are a colourful medley of different shapes and sizes as well as distinct flavours from super sweet to deep and rich. Each punnet contains a selection of our favourite small tomato varieties which vary throughout the seasons.

Mix-a-Mato® Tomatoes

Kumato® Tomatoes

A darker side of delicious

Our Kumato® tomato is a unique variety with a strong distinctive taste that changes as the tomato colour ripens from green to brown to dark red. It's a super versatile tomato with a range of different uses at each ripening stage.

Kumato® Tomatoes

Ruby Burst® Tomatoes

explosion of flavour

Our new Ruby Burst® tomato is characterised by its rich and sweet flavour as well as a crisp, juicy texture. Try this new snacking tomato for an intense burst of sweetness.

Ruby Burst® Tomatoes

Solanato® Tomatoes

Drops of Dazzling Snackable Sweetness

Solanato® Tomatoes are the glossiest, most glamourous of grape tomatoes. These sweet tomatoes are perfect for snacking thanks to their thin skins, juicy nectar filling, and high sugar sweetness.

Solanato® Tomatoes

Petite Tomatoes™

Luscious, vine-ripened richness

Our Petite Tomatoes™ are a great mess-free munch for kids or a moreish snack for peckish adults. Their delicate, thin skin and heady burst of robust tomato flavour combine to create a sweet aftertaste.

Petite Tomatoes™

Romatherapy® Baby Roma Tomatoes

A sweet flavourful string of rich tomatoes

Our Romatherapy® Baby Roma Tomatoes are a beautiful glossy red with a tantalising aroma. Grown hydroponically, these luscious tomatoes are firm to touch, rich in texture, and packed with mouth-watering sweetness.

Romatherapy® Baby Roma Tomatoes

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Love Perfection Tomatoes? Thanks to our wide range you can enjoy tomatoes all year round!



Our Perfection Tomatoes are handpicked to perfection. With various growing regions across Australia, we can ensure a steady supply of a variety of tomatoes all year round.

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Perfection Tomatoes Storage

How to get the most out of your tomatoes

Our Perfection Tomatoes are best stored in their original packaging or in a fruit bowl at room temperature. For optimal taste, don't store Perfection Tomatoes in the fridge.

Perfection Tomatoes Recipes

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