Sweet, tender and entirely edible Purple Broccolini

About Purple Broccolini®


Sweet, tender and purple! Your favourite green veg - Broccolini® - but purple!! A mix of Broccoli and Chinese kale. It's mild, sweet and tender with a slight peppery edge. And not only is it completely delicious, it's also entirely edible, nothing to cut, nothing to waste.

Purple Broccolini® Nutrition

The Super Simple Superfood

Purple Broccolini® isn't just a super simple veg that's incredibly easy to prepare & cook. It's also a superfood, full of essential nutrients your body needs. 

  • Watch kids go and grow with Purple Broccolini® - it contains folate which supports children’s’ growth and development.* 
  • Be your best self with Purple Broccolini® - it provides vitamin C to help make your skin glow.* 
  • Purple Broccolini® contains colourful antioxidant carotenoids (orange beta-carotene and yellow lutein) plus vitamin C and total polyphenols that all help protect the body from oxidative stress.* 

*When eaten as part of a healthy varied diet.

Green Broccolini®


Broccolini® was first grown in Australia in 1999 by Perfection Fresh Australia and their network of supply partners and it has since become a family favourite. 

Learn more about Broccolini®, including how to prepare, cook & store - even how to spot genuine Broccolini® at the link below:


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