Sustainable goals and practices

Our Sustainability Priorities

Perfection Fresh has built a well-rounded Sustainability Program covering all aspects of our diverse and thriving business, focusing on four key areas - Packaging, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Consumption and Waste and Climate and Energy.


Impacts of packaging on the environment


We aim to assess the impacts of our products on the environment during product design using Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) and lead the development and use of materials from sustainably managed renewable resources considering packaging and product performance requirements.

Our people are at the centre of our One Team-led work culture

Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion

The safety and well-being of our people, consumers and customers at Perfection Fresh have been the cornerstone of our organisation. We pride ourselves on creating a work culture that helps create a positive environment that promotes employee well-being, job satisfaction, and engagement. We set expectations so that our employees understand and embrace our values, contributing to our ‘One Team’ mindset, promoting diversity and inclusion and building on the next generation of employees.

Our target is zero organic waste from our farms to landfill by 2030

Managing consumption and waste

Our responsibility is to develop our environmental management systems and processes to improve our environmental performance during manufacturing and to eliminate or minimise all types of waste at farms and in manufacturing.

Adopting practices and technologies that build resistance

Climate and energy

We focus on continually increasing fleet efficiency and reducing emissions from the distribution of our products by calculating the GHG emissions for business scopes 1, 2 and 3 to set targets for reduction. Perfection Fresh will engage with suppliers and growers to understand and validate scope 3 emissions along the supply chain.