Sure, the best things in life are free. But they still need looking after! That’s why we make sustainable practice the basic standard in everything we do. We aim to be environmentally conscious across all areas of packaging, products and processes. And operate in the safest, most considered way possible, so that our future – and yours – is secured.


We’re proud to be a signatory to the Packaging Council of Australia Inc’s Australian Packaging Covenant. This means we’re committed to a national recycling target of 60%. Here’s how we do it.
98% of our rigid packaging (that’s punnets and trays) are made using safe PET plastic.

60% of our general waste is reduced simply by separating general, recyclable and organic waste.

60 tonnes per week of organic waste is converted into feed for Australian farmers.


Water is one of our most precious resources, we recognise that. So we’ve looked for new and innovative ways to grow and give life in a water smart manner. That’s where our Perfection tomato glasshouse comes into play.

The largest of its kind in Australia, our tomato glasshouse operates on a fully self-sufficient water system. It produces 720 megalitres of water per year – enough to fill over 200 olympic size pools! But best of all, every last drop is sourced from recycled rainwater and hygienically treated waste water. It’s our way of ensuring we deliver great produce to our customers without impacting on our communities’ fresh water supply.