20 Refreshing Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Healthy & Hydrated

December 20, 2023

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Are you looking for a fun and interesting alternative to plain water? Qukes® baby cucumber infused water is the perfect solution to keeping you hydrated while adding a little extra flavour to your water! We have 20 different infused water combinations that range from tropical, berry, citrus, and aromatic flavours, ensuring there is something for everyone. 

What is infused water though? Infused water simply refers to water that has been combined with fruits, vegetables, and herbs to create a delicious and healthy drink.

Qukes Water Infusions (2)

How to make infused water

  1. Place the desired combination of fruit, vegetables, or herbs at the bottom of a large jug, glass, or water bottle (perfect for work and school).
  2. Add ice and fill the container with water.
  3. Add any additional fruit, vegetables, or herbs to garnish.
  4. Store in the fridge and allow at least 1 hour to infuse.


  1. Allow the water to infuse in the fridge overnight for maximum flavour and to ensure the water is chilled.
  2. Remove the added ingredients after 24 hours to avoid them from turning bad, by this point the water will retain its flavour and you can add new garnishes to freshen it up.

20 Ideas for Qukes® Infused Water

Tropical & Summer Infused Waters

Tropical and Summer Qukes Infused Waters

Berry & Grape Infused Waters

Citrus Infused Waters

  • Qukes®, Orange & Autumn Crisp® Grapes
  • Qukes®, Orange & Perfection Raspberries
  • Qukes®, Pineapple & Lime
  • Qukes®, Orange & Thyme

Citrus Infused Drinks

Herb & Aromatic Infused Waters

  • Qukes® & Ginger
  • Qukes®, Ginger & Lemon
  • Qukes®, Crisp Delight™ Watermelon & Basil
  • Qukes®, Calypso® Mango & Ginger
  • Qukes®, Calypso® Mango & Basil
  • Qukes®, Kiwi & Basil

Herb & Aromatic Infused Drinks

health Benefits


Infused water is a great way to encourage both kids and adults to drink more water and stay hydrated. It's important for school children to consume 1.5-2 litres of water a day, while women should aim for 2.1 litres and men up to 2.6 litres of water. Infused water offers a great solution for people that find plain water monotonous, making it more enticing and motivating to drink throughout the day.

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The fruits and vegetables infused into the water are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Qukes® and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C while berries contain antioxidants, providing an easy and delicious way of increasing your nutrient intake for the day. Adding more nutrients to your diet helps to boost immunity, improve skin health, and promote overall mental wellbeing and clarity.

Weight Loss/Management

Drinking infused water is a great way to manage or lose weight as it can be used as a substitute for other high-calorie drinks. Juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar and calories, but we often find ourselves craving sweet drinks. The natural flavours of infused water help to satisfy this sweet craving while also promoting the feeling of fullness from the fibre contained in fruit.

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Improved Digestion

Infused water can work wonders for your digestive system and is a great way to promote a healthier and happier gut. Some fruits such as lemon and limes, and herbs like ginger and mint are very effective in aiding digestion by helping to alleviate bloating and constipation, relieving digestive discomfort.


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20 Refreshing Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Healthy & Hydrated

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20 Refreshing Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Healthy & Hydrated

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