A fashion and Calypso® mash-up - The Mango Dress

October 28, 2020

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A dress made from Calypso® mangoes? You've got to see it to believe it.  

The 17-year-old daughter of our Calypso® growers, Kylie and Sam Collins, designed and created a beautiful ball gown made from 1400 mango seed husks. 



Having grown up on the farm in far north Queensland, Jessica spent years helping her family harvest mangoes in the warmth of the Australian sun. In her final year of school, she chose to design a fashion gown using the husks from hundreds of mangoes that didn't pass our strict testing. Hating to see all the waste, she spent months cleaning, drying, and sewing the seeds of mangoes that otherwise would have ended up in compost.  And then she submitted it as her final assessment. 

"When people see the dress, they’re always surprised it’s made from mango husks," she says. “There are always thousands of kilos of mangoes that just go to waste and they just don’t make it off the farm. I’ve always wanted to solve that problem. In the future, maybe we could use the seeds instead of having to just throw them out. I would love to see mango seeds turned into a fibre, like cotton.”

There are many reasons our Calypso® mangoes are great - including a smaller seed, giving you more juicy fruit to feast on. For Jessica, this meant lots more work, but we think it was worth it. 

Here’s what it took to make her creation. 

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A fashion and Calypso® mash-up - The Mango Dress

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A fashion and Calypso® mash-up - The Mango Dress

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