Flower Power: Fioretto® the Pick of the Bunch

May 19, 2021

Flower power: Fioretto® the pick of the bunch


If you like Broccolini®, cauliflower, and broccoli you will love Fioretto®. The versatile vegetable can be featured as the hero of a dish or as a fine accompaniment to a main meal. Foodies will have noticed the beautiful colouring and floral-like appearance of Fioretto®, which is now available exclusively at Woolworths. And while keen cooks will most likely purchase Fioretto® because it looks so pretty on the plate, experimental cooks will understand if they apply similar cooking principles to Fioretto® as they do to Broccolini®, the delicate vegetable will look and taste sublime. Like Broccolini® is to broccoli, Fioretto® is to cauilflower (read: superior).


Why choose Perfection Fresh Fioretto®?


The Aussie-grown vegetable is an exciting new product in Australia that suits a wide variety of cooking techniques and cuisines: roast until golden on the outside and it will remain creamy within; grill under an avalanche of parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs and it will keep its crisp-tender texture and toasty flavour. The key to cooking Fioretto® is to keep it simple. Ready in no time, you can brush it with oil and garlic powder so it adheres to the florets before roasting it. You can add leftover Fioretto® to salads for lunch the next day or have a pickling party and serve with herby falafels and tabouli in a pocket of pita bread. As it’s entirely edible in its raw state, it doubles as a conversation-starter crudité on a charcuterie plate.


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How can you cook with Fioretto®?


Unlike its cauliflower cousin, Fioretto® has a more pleasant and fragrant aroma when cooked, and has a mild, nutty flavour, which means it suits the fussiest eaters. Fioretto® will also earn you praise at a dinner party as the ultimate sign of a great host is introducing your guests to exciting, new flavours and premium ingredients. Cook Fioretto® in a way that shows off the vegetable’s beauty: try it alongside seared crispy-skinned salmon and roasted chickpeas, or grilled with sweet potato and served with slaw inside a soft tortilla. You can also take things up a notch with your flexitarian friends by cooking kung pao Fioretto® or simply throw a few of the florets on the barbecue to impress the neighbours.  


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A Sustainable Ingredient

Those committed to sustainable eating will love that they can reduce food waste at home in the most delicious way by using the tender green stalks as well as the flowery florets of Fioretto®.  When roasted, Fioretto® becomes charred and sweet. When it’s baked in a pasta with a spicy, creamy, tomato sauce it’s comfort food at its finest. Fioretto® can also be added to a Malaysian-style curry for an extra boost of flavour or roasted and then pelted with pomegranate seeds. Pickled Fioretto® also makes a lovely addition to a healthy big breakfast that includes poached eggs, crispy kale and turmeric-roasted potatoes.

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When is Fioretto® in season?


First bred in Japan and now available in Woolworths thanks to produce company, Perfection Fresh, Fioretto® is turning heads thanks to its elegant stalks and pretty florets. The best time to incorporate the versatile vegetable into, salads, stir-fries or pastas is now as Fioretto® is only in season until September. Try tossing the florets with chopped parsley, olive oil, smoked paprika, toasted cashews and torn radicchio and endive leaves for an inspired salad or serving Fioretto® roasted whole to show off its appealing shape. You can also feature Fioretto® in a goat’s cheese tart as a more relaxed alternative to a Sunday roast. Next time you’re at Woolworths, wondering what to cook for friends or family, pop some Fioretto® in your shopping basket. Bon appetit!


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Flower Power: Fioretto® the Pick of the Bunch

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Flower Power: Fioretto® the Pick of the Bunch

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