Food Waste

Food Waste - How it impacts your everyday life!

August 5, 2022


You need to make some changes. In fact, we all do. To use it all: saving the planet (and your wallet!), you can start by making better decisions when purchasing, preparing and storing produce.

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It's a staggering number. The good news is that you are in control of saving this money and the benefit to the planet is paramount. Remember, all you have to do is "use it all"!

How can you #useitall? 

From Strawberry tops to Mini Caps® bottoms, you can always find a use for your produce off-cuts. They can be easily made into fruit leathers that are the perfect on-the-go snack.

Don't discard your strawberry leaves or Capsicum stems! 


Fruit Leathers Perfection


If you're using every part of your fruit and vegetables, you are cutting down the cost of your next shop. Kids' snacks are always at the top of your shopping list, and there's an easy and healthy solution right in front of you; just #useitall.


Food Scraps Broth 2

Scrap Broth

Carrots, Capsicum and celery, oh my! There's no need to throw out your off-cuts. Boil down your leftover vegetables, season to taste and use your delicious broth for future meals.




Welcome to the beauty corner 

What if I told you that applying fresh fruit puree to your face would make it gorgeous? The enzymes found in fruits like strawberries, bananas and others are known to freshen the complexion. Exfoliating dead skin cells while leaving behind brightening glowy tones! It's an easy addition to any natural beauty routine - super nourishing because they're quick and effective against all sorts of ailments. From eczema to acne, this treatment is excellent if your skin is feeling tired.


The best part about making your own fruit puree is that you can customise it to suit the condition of any given day. Mix in additions like honey for extra moisturising power! If rough patches and dry skin are on their way out: try adding some ointments or cream into this natural beauty routine.


Take a look at how we exfoliate to eliminate food waste by downloading our FREE Food Waste eBook here.


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Food Waste - How it impacts your everyday life!

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Food Waste - How it impacts your everyday life!

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