How to with Calypso® Mangoes

October 20, 2021



say hello to calypso®

Calypso® mangoes have a smaller seed meaning more mango! Pure, juicy sweetness with a soft, fibre-free flesh. The golden daughter of a Kensington Pride and Sensation Mango, the Calypso® takes the best of both varieties.

 Calypso® mangoes contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals- making them a superfood.

Learn more about delicious ways you can use Calypso.

Find out 6 key facts about Calypso

• More Mango, Less Seed
• Firm Sweet Flesh
• No Stringy Bits
• Freckles mean sweetness
• Australian Grown in NT & QLD
• Packed with antioxidants Vit C & Vit E



Calypso® is the perfect fruit to get you summer ready! 

Learn how to cut your Calypso® mango to ensure it looks amazing in all your recipes.

Cut the Cheeks

Peel Calypso®

Hedgehog Calypso®

Dice Calypso®

Slice Calypso®


HOW TO enjoy calypso all year®

Take advantage of Calypso® peak seasons and learn how you can enjoy Calypso® all year round. 

1. Turn Calypso® into jam with this Quick Vanilla Calypso Jam 

2. Puree & Freeze

3. Pickle


HOW TO pickle calypso®

Calypso® is your favourite summer fruit that can be pickled so that you can enjoy the delicious flavour all year round. 


Steps to pickle Calypso®

Ripe of green Calypso® can be used

Pickling Ingredients

• White sugar
• White wine vinegar
• Sea salt
• Ginger
• Lemongrass
• Chilli flakes

1. Make the pickling liquid and boil gently for 3 min
2. Cook mango for 1 min
3. Spoon into hot sterilized jar
4. Enjoy all year round


how to use calypso® 

Learn how to use Calypso® for any occasion with tips on how to Blend, BBQ, Bake, Toss and Preserve. 


BBQ Chilli Lime Calypso Mangoes

Classic Calypso Mango Smoothie 

Vegan Calypso Mango Banana Bread

Calypso Mango Qukes Noodle Salad

Quick Vanilla Calypso Jam


3 stages of calypso® 

Learn what the 3 stages of ripening a Calypso® mango look like.

Each stage offers different flavours & textures. 


Stage 1

• Greener skin. Small freckled
• Firm pale flesh
• Store on the bench 
• Great for salads; pickling 

Squeeze test: Hard Sniff test: No mango aroma Flavour: Tart 

Stage 2

• Deeper yellow skin

• More noticeable freckles

• Pale yellow flesh

• Store on the bench 

• Great for BBQ; Stir-fry and Baking 

Squeeze test: Firm with a subtle give Sniff test: Mild mango aroma Flavour: Mild


Stage 3

• Warm yellow skin

• Prominent freckles

• Golden flesh 

• Store in the fridge 

• Great for eating; smoothies; drinks; jams and dressings

Squeeze test: Soft Sniff test: Strong mango aroma Flavour: Sweet


3 ways to use calypso® 

Calypso® Breakfast Cheeks

 Tandoori Pork with Calypso® & Quke® Salsa

Calypso®, Pistachio Pavlova with Nutella Cream 



what flavours to pair calypso® with  

Calypso® is the perfect pair for many ingredients.

Here are some of our favourite flavours and ingredients that Calypso® loves.  

Calypso® is great with: 

• Qukes®

• Perfection Berries

• Cocktails

• Fresh herbs e.g., Mint & Basil

• Honey and Maple syrup 

• Chocolate and Caramel 

• Fresh spices e.g., Ginger, Lemongrass & Chilli

• Dairy

• Fresh leaves 

• Protein 


How to with Calypso® Mangoes

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How to with Calypso® Mangoes

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