What are the Key Benefits from Eating 5 Vegetables & 2 Fruits That You Should Know?

April 21, 2023

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We all know eating 5 vegetables and 2 fruits is good for us. Most have seen the ads saying so. Western Australians in particular would be very familiar, having had the 'Go for 2&5' advertising campaign speak to them from 2002 to 2012[1]; across mass media like television and radio.[2]

Despite these 2 & 5 and similar messages like the U.K.'s '5 A Day' campaigns which have had worldwide reach[3], some Australians are still unaware of some of the key benefits people receive when meeting daily recommended vegetable and fruit intake. So what do these benefits look like? You may already know the topline facts which we've listed below. But as we aim to promote awareness of healthy eating here at Perfection Fresh Australia, we'd love for you to read on, get a refresher and relay the importance of eating fruits and vegetables to family and friends.

The overall benefit is providing your body with an array of nutrients it needs to function at its best. There are at least nine different families of produce. Within each family are different types of fruit or vegetables with various colours and unique nutrients, which the body requires a spread consumption of.[4]

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More specifically, research indicates that a natural way to help prevent some cancers is by including a large mix of fruit and vegetables in the diet. Similarly, the likelihood of being diagnosed with heart disease or experiencing a stroke is also significantly reduced.[4] This research is challenging to discredit, not just because many academics in the industry agree with the claims, but because it's logical, especially regarding heart disease. How is it logical? Well, consider that most fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber, meaning you'll stay fuller for longer while eating food that is very low in calories and fat. Plus, there's the added benefit of boosting your gut health![5]

For children, the benefits can't be ignored either. A healthy diet of yummy fruits and veg will help their little bodies fight against illnesses, as they gain a strengthened immunity.[6] Children also benefit the same as adults do from the plant substances in the fruits and vegetables, which will help prevent heart disease and some cancers as mentioned earlier. At the same time, they additionally receive essential vitamins like folic acid and vitamin C.[7] The number of fruits and vegetables children should consume daily to receive these benefits varies by age. By two years old, they should be eating around 2 ½ serves of vegetables and 1 serving of fruit; whereas fast-forward to nine years and above, they should follow the same 5 & 2 recommendations that adults do.[8]

Of course, for both adults and children, there are many other benefits to following the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Weight control[4], improving mental health[9] and increased energy levels[10] are again just to name a few.

If you or your family aren't eating the recommended spread of fruits and vegetables, don't panic, there's no better time to make a change than now! Follow the socials of Perfection Fresh Australia, where through our new 'Perfect Your Plate' campaign, you can see easy-to-replicate recipes and look at images that highlight what a single serving is between different fruits and vegetables.

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Keep up with the campaign and see these recipes showcased each week by following our socials linked below.



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What are the Key Benefits from Eating 5 Vegetables & 2 Fruits That You Should Know?

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What are the Key Benefits from Eating 5 Vegetables & 2 Fruits That You Should Know?

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