New strawberries on their way to Australia

July 23, 2020

Australians will soon have access to delicious new varieties of strawberries, thanks to a partnership between Perfection Fresh and Plant Sciences, Inc.

Perfection Fresh CEO Michael Simonetta said: “In today’s COVID world, encouraging people to eat fresh fruit and vegetables is more important than ever. We can do this in many ways, but at Perfection, we believe in finding innovative ways to capture the imagination of consumers while delivering a superior product.

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“As a consumer myself, I look for quality and consistency in the produce we eat at home, and I’m often disappointed by the ‘hit and miss’ experience when it comes to strawberries,” Mr Simonetta said.

“Through our partnership with PSI, we intend to provide new premium strawberries that offer a consistent eating experience, unmatched flavour, and an extended shelf life.

“In recent visits to PSI’s breeding plots, I’ve personally experienced the varieties we’re bringing to Australia that will complement what we’re currently delivering to consumers.”

Scott Nelson, Global Development for PSI, said: “We’re excited to build on this newly formed partnership, and we look forward to bringing strawberry varieties that offer an exceptional eating experience to consumers while giving growers a competitive edge.”

Some of these varieties are now available at your local supermarkets with more varieties coming soon.

Perfection Fresh Bellini Premium Strawberries

About Perfection Fresh

The Perfection Fresh Group is an Australian-based business that grows, packs and markets fresh produce both domestically and internationally. One of Australia’s largest family businesses, Perfection Fresh has a history of 40-plus years and is listed on the Australian Financial Review’s top 100 private companies in Australia. Visit

About Plant Sciences, Inc.

Committed to Advancing Agriculture through Science™, PSI has emerged as a premier agricultural research company with emphasis on plant breeding and propagation of berry crops for the global marketplace. PSI and its affiliates hold more than 50 plant patents and plant breeder’s rights certificates for strawberry and raspberry, and supply plants of its proprietary varieties to leading growers in over 50 countries. PSI is also aggressively preparing for its first commercial releases of blackberry and blueberry varieties. PSI believes the most competitive berry varieties are those that provide an effective defense against the most pressing agronomic threats, while prioritising buyer and consumer expectations for flavour, appearance, and post-harvest performance. Visit


New strawberries on their way to Australia

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New strawberries on their way to Australia

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