Qukes®. The quick and crunchy work friendly snack

October 5, 2021


Chained to the desk? Running between deadlines and running out of steam? Zapped from too many Zoom meetings?  Qukes® are the perfect pick-me-up when you need to power through.


Crisp and crunchy with a refreshing, cleansing flavour, Qukes® are the little desktop snack that’s big on vitamins and minerals. Fun fact: Qukes® health benefits include folate for healthy cells and they’re filled with fibre and Vitamin C. We like to say that they’re nature’s perfect little package of health and nutrition.


And because they’re natural, you’re getting real nutritional benefits that can help you maintain peak focus rather than the highs and lows of sugary snacks. When you’re opting for real food instead of snacks that are highly processed or have hidden sugar traps, you’re making better food choices.


When you’re on the clock, Qukes® are as quick as they are quirky. No prep, no need for a fork, no cutting, just grab a pack straight from the fridge and munch away.


Qukes Baby Cucumber_Smashed Jalapeno Avocado Crumpets (2)


With a little bit more time, you could …


But that’s not all there is to our coolest, crunchiest creations. They work beautifully by themselves, but they’re even better as a team player. Qukes® and dips, yeah? Think tzatziki, hummus, guacamole, salsa, artichoke, tahini. Here at our office, we’re known to be quite partial to Qukes® and beetroot dip.


Of course, Qukes® baby cucumbers know how to get along superbly with other vegetables. They’re best of buddies with tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, capsicum and artichoke. This gives you plenty of fresh new opportunities to expand your lunchbox and grazing board repertoire. You can wrap Qukes® in salami. Or smoked salmon. They partner perfectly with cheese. Add some basil and bocconcini. We’ve even heard that Qukes® with gin and tonic in a tall glass with ice makes a refreshing summer drink with a twist.

Qukes_Smashed Qukes Teriyaki Beef Bowl


Qukes® in the kitchen.


Want to get more creative? Let’s talk Qukes® recipes. Here’s a quick selection to tantalise your taste buds. 


If you’re working from home, you’ve already got ready access to all the tools you need to keep you fuelled up for the day’s tasks. Taking the time to make food that’s filled with flavour and nutrients is vital and it’s important to take a break and reset for the next session.


Or you can set yourself up for healthy eating at the office with a chilled lunchbox or snack selection that travels with you.


Let’s start with brekky. How about Qukes® and Smashed Jalapeno Avocado Crumpets with Soft Boiled Eggs? Café quality and should be ready in around ten minutes. We’re sure you’ve heard that breakfast is the key to kickstarting your metabolism and providing enough energy to fully focus on the day’s tasks.


For lunch, rather than another boring sandwich, you could create a Kumato® and Qukes® Souvlaki bowl in fifteen minutes. WFH food fatigue is a thing and getting creative is a way around falling into a rut with your lunchtime routine.


Feeling the three o’clock fade? You could try our Qukes® and Bruschetta Four ways recipe. As a mid-afternoon snack, you’ll have that plated up in around 15 minutes.


As an evening meal, we’ve included Qukes® Teriyaki Beef Bowls on the menu. Protein-rich and plenty of those good, green vegetables to refresh the mind and body.


Quirkier still? We’ve got Pickled Qukes®, Sushi Qukes®, Kimchi Qukes®, the list goes on. As you’ll discover, Qukes® are a very versatile vegetable.


If you’re looking for inspiration that’s all about fresh fun food as well as some killer recipes, you can find plenty on the Perfection Fresh website.


Plus, if you’re juggling home schooling with working from home, Qukes® are something that should always be in the fridge as a quick solution for youngsters with easily distracted minds and rumbling stomachs.

Qukes Baby Cucumbers_Avocado Nori Rolls (2)


The healthy little snack that’s making a big noise

Qukes® are pretty cool and they’re definitely taking off as a big thing in Australian supermarkets. They’ve become a little Aussie success story and are becoming a popular choice for time-poor parents, in school lunches and as something fun and fresh to keep in the fridge. When it comes down to it, Qukes® are a simple, bite-size food source bursting with nutrition. Grab a pack today and find out why Qukes® are the quintessential healthy snack.

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Qukes®. The quick and crunchy work friendly snack

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Qukes®. The quick and crunchy work friendly snack

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