Healthy Vegan Calypso® Mango and Cream Jelly Cheesecakes by Jade @PanaceasPantry

December 31, 2020

You can spot Calypso® mangoes in the grocers and supermarkets by finding the blush mangoes in a blue tray (they also have a blue sticker). I love using Calypso® mangos as they always have the most flesh (with a smaller pip) that is never stringy and always soft and sweet. 

Mango’s are absolutely a crowd favourite, and for me I love that they are purely seasonal. Waiting all year long for stone fruit season really makes me appreciate it while its here, and we always take time as a family to stop at enjoy those first fruits of the season- mindfully appreciating how special it is to enjoy something that only graces us in the warmer months.

But hey, mangoes are GOOD for you too. They:

Check out this Vegan Summer Galette with Calypso® Mango by Jade @PanaceasPantry. 


Calypso Mango CutCalypso Mango Vegan Cheesecake

Healthy Vegan Calypso® Mango and Cream Jelly Cheesecakes Recipe


      • Author: Jade Woodd
      • Prep Time: 30 mins + soaking time
      • Setting Time: 4+ hours
      • Serves: 9

      • 1/2 cup (67g) almonds (raw, roasted or activated)
      • 1 Tbsp (8g) coconut flour
      • 1/4 cup (30g) cacao powder
      • 10-12 Medjool dates, pitted

      • 2 tsp lemon zest
      • 1/4 cup (60g) fresh lemon juice
      • 2 sachets (18g) vegetarian gelatine 
      • 1/2 cup (125g) canned, full fat coconut milk

      • 3/4 cup (160g / flesh from 2 checks) Calypso® mango
      • 1/4 cup (62g) water
      • 2 tbsp (40g) lemon juice
      • 1 sachet (9g) vegetarian gelatine
          BASE METHOD
      Note- we used silicone muffin moulds to make these cakes, about 3/4 cup in size. You could substitute for something of similar size. 
  1. Add almonds, coconut flour and cacao to a food processor and pulse to combine then, with the food processor running, add one date at a a time (ensure they're pitted, first) until you have added 10 in total. Stop and check the dough. It should easily roll into a ball and hold together well, but not be so wet it sticks to your hand. If not, add 1-2 more dates until you reach the desired consistency. Press the mixture 9 muffins moulds. Set aside.

  2. Drain cashews and add to a blender with the mango flesh, maple syrup and lemon zest and juice. Blend until smooth then set aside. Now, add the coconut milk and gelatine to a saucepan. Over a low heat bring to a boil and boil for 1 minute- ensure you whisk it the whole time to avoid any clumps forming. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes and then (moving very quickly), with the blender running, stream the gelatine mixture in through the hole in the top of your blender lid (see notes) and continue to blend for 1-2 minutes or until completely smooth. The trick here is to be quick. the gelatine sets very quickly once it cools, so be well prepared and get this set done swiftly.
    Moving very quickly now, pour term mixture evenly between the 9 moulds and set in the freezer for 4+ hours. 

  1. For the final layer, follow this step precisely. Puree all the mango jelly ingredients in a blender, then transfer to a small saucepan. Use a rubber spatula to scrap all of the contents in, or you won't have enough jelly to cover your cakes. Take the set mango cream cakes from the freezer and set on the bench. Now, immediately bring the jelly to a boil by placing the saucepan over medium heat. Whisk the whole time and once you have reached a boil continue to simmer for one minute. Turn off the heat and pour the jelly every between your cakes, then transfer to the fridge. After 2-3 minutes the jelly will be set. You now (don't leave it until later!) need to carefully remove each cake from the silicone mould. Place your cakes on a plate (or in a large airtight container) and allow to defrost in the fridge for 4+ hours.
    Enjoy served straight form the fridge, and do not store at room temperature. Will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

    Notes: If your blender doesn't have a steam hole you will just need to add the gelatine mixture into the blender and then blend. There is more chance that the gelatine will set and cause tiny lumps to form in the set cake, but if you more very quickly it should be fine. Make sure you blend very well.
    If making paleo, check the vegan gelatine is plea friendly or swap for regular gelatine. 

Vegan mango cheeseake



Healthy Vegan Calypso® Mango and Cream Jelly Cheesecakes by Jade @PanaceasPantry

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Healthy Vegan Calypso® Mango and Cream Jelly Cheesecakes by Jade @PanaceasPantry

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