Qukes® and Solanato® kid’s snacking solutions are sure to spark lunchbox envy

January 6, 2022

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Delighting your kids with healthy and delicious snacks is easier than you might think when you have Qukes® baby cucumbers and Sweet Solanato® tomatoes on hand. Guilt-free and packed with vitamins, they’ll turn lunchbox meals into masterpieces, and have your kiddos loving their vegies.

Sandwiches on a skewer in a green lunchbox and outside, with baby cucumbers and snacking tomatoes next to them.

The return of lunchbox season

School’s back in session, and it’s time for the hustle and bustle of homework, weekend sport and settling back into a predictable routine. Amidst all the busyness there’s one sure constant – packing the daily lunchbox. Don’t be tempted to fall into that trap of popping in packaged snacks and processed meals that lack nutrition. With the convenience and versatility of Qukes® and Solanato® tomatoes you’ll be giving your little learner the fresh fuel they need to power through a hard day of mastering maths and improving their performance on the pitch.

Delicious nutrition for growing bodies and minds

A diet with proper nutrition plays a big part in how children learn and retain information. Qukes® baby cucumbers contain about 95% water, so they provide hydration that bodies need. Antioxidants work to keep cells healthy and fibre ensures bellies are satisfied so the focus stays on the lessons and not on feeling peckish. The vision and immune system also benefit from the significant amount of Vitamin K in these little green powerhouses of yum.

Three types of dips in mini bowls with sliced cucumbers on a white plate.

Snacks to spark tastebuds

Qukes® are deliciously mild and moreish. Guilt-free and tasty with a crunch that satisfies, they’re seedless and easily digestible. Cut them into slices, spears or eat them whole – the skin is full of vitamins and tastes great, so you don’t need to worry about removing it. It fills hungry hands happily.

Bright red Solanato® tomatoes are the size and shape of a grape with a robust tomato burst and a sweet aftertaste. Perfect for snacking on the go, or to add to lunchboxes. 

Easy ideas that’ll go down a treat

  • Pair Solanato® tomatoes with fresh in-season summer fruits and vegies, a perfect finger food nibble

  • Slice Qukes® into spears for small and big hands alike and plunge them into your favourite healthy dip

  • Make lunchbox skewers with Solanato® tomatoes, Qukes® baby cucumbers, and cheese. You can also cut cubes of your favourite sandwich, and add to the skewers as well. 

  • Pack a small container of Italian seasoning, sesame seeds or lemon pepper to sprinkle over your Qukes® right before eating

  • Slice Qukes® into circles and make tiny cream cheese sandwiches

Quick Qukes® and Solanato® creations – lunchbox friendly and super tasty

When it comes to filling your kid’s lunchbox, there’s a fine balance between convenience, nutrition and offering healthy options that appeal. Try some of these ideas from our tried and true collection of Qukes® recipes and Solanato® tomato recipes that are sure to guarantee an empty lunchbox comes home after school every time.

  • This one’s easy and will be such a huge hit, they’ll want to put it on repeat! Qukes® Star Sandwiches make lunch fun and will have your child looking forward to eating their vegies. Check out the link for instructions. Don’t stop at stars, though… try moons, animal shapes or even letters.

Star shaped sandwiches along with fruits and vegetables in a lunchbox. Next to it is a board with another sandwich and a star shaped cutter.

  • Our Qukes® and Solanato® skewers are a great addition to lunchboxes. Make your favourite sandwich (we have made a ham and cheese with butter) and cut into squares. Skewer with Solanato® tomatoes and thickly sliced Qukes® baby cucumbers. Add to the lunchbox along with carrot sticks, crackers, dried apricots and juicy red Perfection strawberries. 

Solanato Tomatoes_Qukes_Lunchbox with Ham Cheese Sandwich Skewers

  • Our Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls are crunchy, tasty and just the right size for small hands. Fill rice paper with sliced Qukes®, sweet Minicaps® and vermicelli noodles. Add fresh herbs, hommus or cream cheese. For additional protein, tuck in some chicken or chickpeas. Scrumptious!

  • Don’t be afraid of monsters, especially when they’re as adorable as our Green Monster Qukes® Cheese Balls! Bite-sized and oh-so-satisfying, these little round cuties pack a protein punch thanks to the chicken, and they also sneak in some apple and crunchy pretzel antennae.

  • Talk about lunchbox envy! Try adding our Qukes® and Avocado Nori Rolls to brighten up any school day and watch their eyes shine! Simple to make, and even more delightful to eat, don’t be surprised when they ask for these again. Check out our easy step-by-step recipe for these, and make a few extra for yourself.

A bunch of edible caterpillars made using baby cucumbers and medley tomatoes.

  • We all know there’s something special about eating food on a stick, and our cheerful Lunchbox Skewers provide endless options for choice. Roll up salami or ham, sliced cheese and of course fresh Qukes® and Solanato® tomatoes for the ultimate lunchtime stack that goes beyond boring.

  • Young kids will race to eat these Racing Car Qukes® Baby Cucumbers and Solanato® and you’ll love making them. Who says we can’t play with our food? Zoom-Zoom – What a speedy snack!

  • Qukes® are a perfect match with delicious dips. Slice them in spears and serve them with our colourful Beetroot Hommus or our mouth-watering Tzatziki. Crisp, refreshing and deliciously filling.

Recipe_WR_Qukes_Minicaps_Solanato_Easy Falafel Snack Bowl_2020_01

So, say goodbye to lunchbox anxiety with Qukes® baby cucumbers and Solanato® tomatoes. Kids love eating them, and parents love their convenience and versatility. Fill their lunchbox with goodness you’ll both appreciate.





Qukes® and Solanato® kid’s snacking solutions are sure to spark lunchbox envy

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Qukes® and Solanato® kid’s snacking solutions are sure to spark lunchbox envy

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