Qukes® Baby Cucumbers. The ultimate super snack.

October 5, 2021

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Feeling peckish? Craving a little something to get you over the midday hump until dinner? Don’t mindlessly reach for oily crisps or sugary health bars. Tackle the sneaky snacking hour and nip that hunger in the bud with delicious and convenient Qukes® baby cucumbers. You don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience –  no prep, no mess and no disappointing energy crash. 

Small in size, big on convenience

You’ll love the bite-sized shape of Qukes®, making them easy to toss in a bag and go. No fridge? No problem! Enjoy munching these at room temperature with their mild skin and cleansing flavour. Perfect for powering athletes, chuck a bag of Qukes® in with your gym gear to enjoy after a sweaty sesh or as a reward after a long hike. Low in calories, you’ll feel satisfied without the fullness, and the natural hydration will motivate you forward. 

Qukes® power your progress with fuel for fitness 

Qukes® cucumbers aren’t just for eating, though. Slice them in long ribbons to add to your water bottle for a welcome bit of freshness and zip, supplement your smoothie, or slice them into spears for a garnish in your favourite summer beverage. Making the most of the health benefits of Qukes® baby cucumbers is effortless. A go-to for rumbling tummies, they’re high in folate for healthy cells, fibre for fullness and maintaining blood sugar levels, and vitamin C, one of nature’s most perfect antioxidants. 

Satisfy the call of the munchies

Snack yourself happy with a few of our favourite ways to eat Qukes®. You’ll want to keep them on hand for yourself of course, but also for easy entertaining. The best thing about Qukes® recipes? For most of them, there’s no need to heat up the house with a hot kitchen, and they’re an ideal spur-of-the-moment offering for last-minute guests because they play so well with other foods. 

No matter the occasion, you'll appreciate the benefits of Qukes® cucumbers. Have a look at our impressive array of tasty ways to add more healthy, easy, deliciousness to your life. 

Qukes_Bruschetta 4 Ways

Recipes to start your day with Qukes®

Breakkie and brunch is a wonderful way to begin the day! The most important meal, some would say; and who are we to argue? We've developed some scrumptious recipes for you to slip into your 'good morning' repertoire...your most difficult task will be deciding which to choose. 

  • Treat your guests (or yourself) to tangy pickled Qukes® spears added to a juicy and indulgent Bloody Mary. More than a garnish, these will have people asking for seconds, so make sure to have plenty in the fridge. These are great by the pool or at the beach, and also travel well in jars. 

  • Add a bit of protein to your table with these moreish smoked salmon Qukes® boats. Light and just right for the beginning of the day, a platter of these morsels go a long way and won't leave anyone feeling overly full. Energy? Tick. Flavour? Tick.

  • We also love the texture of a really good Qukes® bruschetta. Our recipe shows you four ways to have it, so everyone is satisfied no matter their food preferences. Simply get your favourite crusty bread and be prepared to wow with this presentation. No one has to know how easy it was; we won't tell! 

12 Best Matched Quke Sandwiches

Recipes for light lunches full of flavour 

Lunch doesn't have to be the same old same old. Take advantage of what's in season and lay your table with wholesome food full of the nutrients your body needs. Of course, we have recipes to get you inspired. 

  • Treat your tastebuds to our Qukes®, tomato, and Vietnamese chicken salad. Simple and fresh, this can be served as a side with crackers or flatbread, or as a meal on its own.  

  • Salad lovers, rejoice! You'll want to make this one ASAP. Qukes® baby cucumbers, quinoa, and pomegranate seeds combine to deliver a tart and mouth-watering main meal to which you can add a protein, or eat it as is. Substitute the feta cheese for a plant-based version, and you have yourself a powerhouse vegan dish. 

  • Sometimes, the best things are the simplest things. The humble sandwich for instance. Whip up a batch of tinned tuna with fresh mayo and add cracked pepper, sea salt and a purple or green lettuce leaf for our Qukes® tuna and mayo sandwich. If you're keen to fancy them up, remove crusts with a sharp knife and cut them into triangles or use a circular metal cookie cutter.

A bowl with a salad made of diced Calypso mangoes, Qukes, Feta And Mint Salsa

Recipes for winning dinners 

Dinner needn't be complicated, and in fact, one of the benefits of Qukes® baby cucumbers is the versatility they offer. What's for dinner? How about something from here? 

Tomatoes and cucumbers have always been a well-matched pair, so why not maximise this terrific flavour combination? Our punchy gazpacho Qukes® baby cucumbers is a dish in high demand around here. Serve as an impressive entree' or simply increase the recipe for main course amounts. This can be made ahead of time and kept cold, as it's served that way. 

Backyard BBQ's? Cut the richness of lamb or steak with a cracking Calypso® mango and Qukes® salsa. This pretty little number will upgrade your presentation game, and also add some relief from full-flavoured meats. For you seafood lovers, it pairs well with fish and prawns, too. 

You don't have to be a plant-based foodie to love our nourishing slow-roasted sumac Kumato®, charred Broccolini® and Qukes® tabbouleh. Hardy and robust in taste, this one-bowl wonder is a real crowd-pleaser. 

What will you make first? With so many easy options to add the goodness of Qukes® into your meals, you’ll want to have plenty on hand. As delicious as they are nutritious, satisfy your tastebuds and feed your body the fresh vitamins and minerals it needs. Eat well and feel great with Qukes®.

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Qukes® Baby Cucumbers. The ultimate super snack.

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Qukes® Baby Cucumbers. The ultimate super snack.

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