How do Raspberries Grow on a Raspberry Farm?

April 9, 2021

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Raspberries are delicious red jewels that taste great and are good for you! They are also versatile: eat them fresh as a snack, make raspberry jam, or add them to some of your favourite desserts.

Raspberries are not just another tasty treat; they are full of health benefits too. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can comfortably fit on any list of superfoods.

Did you know?

Once raspberries have been harvested they don't continue to ripen. When they've been picked from the plant they are as ripe as they'll ever be so picking them just at the right moment is key to perfect fruit.

Every Perfection Raspberry has been hand picked to perfection and is ready to eat!

Why choose Perfection Raspberries?

Perfection Raspberries are a unique variety exclusive to Perfection Fresh.

Our exclusive raspberry variety is of exceptional quality with cane-ripened natural sweetness, they are fresh and bright when raw and intensely sweet when cooked. Only Perfection Raspberries have an especially large fruit that doesn't mean compromising on taste. Perfection Raspberries are unique in colour light orange-red and don't darken.

One bite and you'll be hooked!


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What are the different varieties of Raspberries?

Traditionally raspberries are grown in the south of Australia in summer from November to April. With our exclusive variety we are now able to grow premium fruit all year round giving us the ability to grown in the north of Australia during autumn, winter & spring from April - November. 

Summer-bearing raspberries produce fruit on two-year old canes, also known as floricanes, whereas, autumn-bearing produce fruit on the current season's growth, also known as primocanes. 

The plants are constantly going through new cycles which we optimise to produce the best fruit.

Raspberries can come in three colours: most commonly red, and some specific varieties yellow and black. 

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We know how to grow perfect Raspberries

Raspberries are easy to grow, it is best to plant them in a spacious area so that they can thrive to their full potential, it is common for the canes to spread out, therefore giving them plenty of room. 

Raspberries love their sun! Needing around 6 hours of sunlight each day. Planting raspberries usually takes place in October to Jan or July for the southern crop. 

Like many other fruits, raspberries don't like sitting in wet or damp ground, so to ensure they are happy, they are planted in well-drained soil.




Did you know that every Perfection Raspberry is carefully handpicked?

Kwanza Raspberry - Tasmania

Harvesting raspberries is a simple task if done correctly. 

Raspberries need to be gently picked from the cane and consumed within 4 to 6 days (maximum) at room temperature. So as soon as we pick them we chill them and send to grocery stores as quickly as we can.

The finest tasting raspberries are slightly plump and brightly coloured, with a dull shine.

Storing Raspberries

Raspberries are very delicate, so make sure you're handling them with care. When storing raspberries, make sure they are stored in their punnet and placing them in the cooler section of the fridge so that they last as long as possible. 

If they have been washed, make sure to place paper towel in the bottom of the punnet to soak up the moisture and avoid the raspberries going bad. Alternatively you can freeze these beauties and enjoy them all year round.


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How do Raspberries Grow on a Raspberry Farm?

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How do Raspberries Grow on a Raspberry Farm?

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