Fioretto® Cauli Blossom

Cauli's elegant, good looking cousin


Fioretto® Cauli Blossom

Tall and willowy with brilliant green stems. Meet cauliflower’s elegant, good-looking cousin. Cook these snowy white blossoms, stems and all. You’ll go nutty for their surprising sweetness and delicious, creamy texture.


You’ll find our Fioretto® Cauli Blossoms creamy and mildly nutty on top, with delightfully sweet and tasty green stems.


Refrigerate these beautiful blossoms stem-down to stop moisture from gathering in the delicious Cauli floret clusters.

Perfect Pairs

You can eat your Fioretto® Cauli Blossoms any which way – raw in salads, stir-fried, roasted or even barbecued.

Picking Perfection

Pick the prettiest Fioretto® Cauli Blossoms with long, green stems and clean, creamy white heads with fluffy flower clusters.