How Do Blueberries Grow?

August 5, 2021

Perfection Blueberries

Perfectly Delicious Blueberries

Blueberries are lusciously juicy, sweet, and tart, tasting great and are good for you too! They are also versatile; eat them by the handful, raw, or cook them up for a burst of sweet brilliance.

Blueberries are not just another healthy treat; they are packed full of nutrients. A handful of blueberries daily gives you a huge range of health benefits that will make you feel extraordinary all year round.

Did you know?

Blueberries are one of the only foods that are naturally blue? And a single blueberry bush can produce as many as 6,000 blueberries a year!


For many centuries, blueberries were used for their medicinal properties. Today, blueberries are packed with nutrients and health benefits. A handful of blueberries a day will make you feel great inside and out. 

Did you know that just half a cup of blueberries has the same amount of antioxidants as 2 1/2 cups of spinach and 2 1/2 cups of corn!

Blueberries are power packed with Anthocyanins, helping to improve cardiovascular health, neuro-protectors to help protect our brains, bone-builders containing iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, all needed to help keep our bones healthy. 

Low calorie, high in fibre and a natural source of prebiotics to keep you and your gut healthy! 

Why choose Perfection blueberries?

Perfection Blueberries are a unique variety exclusive to Perfection Fresh.

Our blueberry variety is of exceptional quality bursting with a tart-sweet flavour that is fresh and tangy when raw, and intensely sweet when cooked. Perfection Blueberries are a dark blue colour and dusted in a fine, natural white powder known as ‘bloom’.

Absolutely brilliant!


Perfection Blueberry Punnet


Stellini Blueberry Punnet


We know how to grow perfect blueberries

Blueberry plants are planted in small pots making it easier to manage and control their needs.

Blueberries are unique, unlike many other fruit, blueberries need to be planted in soil with an acidic pH, ideally between 4.0 and 5.0. 

As a comparison water is pH neutral at 7 so blueberries really like their acid! 

Our expertise means that we know the ideal combination of nutrients, water and growing conditions to ensure our plants are getting everything they need to thrive and produce the best tasting fruit. 

Once the plants start to flower, bees are needed to help pollinate. There are bee hives scattered across the farm. Bees play a critical role in agriculture to make sure that we have food on the table. 

Just like most fruit, blueberries need lots of sun to grow, especially if you want an abundance of fruit on the bush! 


Blueberries growing on farm


What are the different varieties of blueberries?

There are many varieties that can be grown in Australian climates, these include Northern highbush, Southern highbush and Rabbiteye. Depending on the variety, these perfect berries are grown in Victoria, Tasmania, Sydney and all the way up to North Queensland. 

Northern highbush:

Despite the name, Northern highbush are grown in the south of Australia e.g. Victoria and Tasmania where cold winters are required to set the fruit. This variety are relatives of  ‘Vaccinium corymbosum’, the northern highbush blueberry from North America. 

Fruit from these varieties will ripen in December and continue until April. 

Southern highbush:

This blueberry variety has the lowest need for winter chilling and are the most tropical-loving blueberries. Despite the name, this variety originally from the south of the United States likes to be grown in the north of Australia, from Sydney to North Queensland. The perfect cross between two varieties  ‘Vaccinium darrowii’ and ‘Vaccinium corymbosum’. 


Rabbiteye is the best of both, which means it can tolerate both climates. They are derived from 'Vaccinium ashei', and when fully ripe, the fruit is similar to others, but when immature, the fruit is the soft pink colour of a rabbit's eye, thus the funny name!

every Perfection Blueberry carefully handpicked For you

Blueberries on bush

Harvesting blueberries is a simple task if done correctly. 

Blueberries are perfect to harvest when the bottom of the berry darkens. 


Storing blueberries

When storing blueberries, make sure they are stored in their punnet and placed in the cooler section of the fridge so that they last as long as possible. 

They are best kept refrigerated at 5 degrees Celsius for maximum juicy freshness.

Rinse lightly before enjoying them. 


Our brilliant blueberries are power packed and simply super! Handfuls of juicy blue brilliance. 


Perfection blueberry Recipes

Delicious ways to enjoy our Perfection blueberries

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How Do Blueberries Grow?

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How Do Blueberries Grow?

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