Amazing Taste, Zero Waste with Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto®

April 29, 2022

There’s an exciting vegetable available at your local grocery store and it’s oh-so delicious from stem to blossoms. Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is a sweeter, nuttier version of cauliflower that’s versatile and looks amazing on a plate. Similar to Broccolini® this delicious take on cauliflower can be substituted for traditional cauliflower in many dishes. This entirely edible veggie lends itself to all types of recipes. No food prep or trimming is required, just cook it much in the same way you would Broccolini® or asparagus. Because its stems cook quicker than traditional cauliflower, you can prepare it in a wide variety of ways. Steamed, barbequed, roasted, in stir-fry, even pickled, the options are deliciously endless.

Cauli Blossom Fioretto kept in a colander on a chopping board with a knife next to it.

The best part? It’s a zero-waste vegetable.

Each year, households create roughly 7.6 million tonnes of food waste in Australian landfills, according to recent studies by food rescue charity OZHarvest. So it makes sense that zero waste cooking has become more of a priority in our kitchens. From reducing food packaging to using fewer ingredients and making most of your meals at home by utilising food in its entirety (stems and all). It ensures that simply put, little to nothing goes to waste.

If you’re looking for zero waste recipe ideas – Cauli-Blossom® is perfectly suited for easy no waste cooking. It’s easy to create meals with big flavours using Cauli-Blossom® and only a few ingredients. There’s no need to buy loads of fancy ingredients that’ll be used once and sit in the pantry or the back of the fridge until they expire in six months and are thrown out. Chances are, you’ll already have many of these ingredients in your pantry right now. Try these recipes below, all with fewer than 10 ingredients and all using every delicious bite of Cauli-Blossom®.

Prepping Cauli-Blossom®

Cauli-Blossom needs little preparation, and you can eat the whole veggie. Simply pull apart the floret bouquet and use. For larger florets, you can slice them in half lengthways.

Easy, No-Waste Entertaining

If you’re entertaining or looking for a snack that’s a little bit fancy, try Prosciutto Wrapped Charred Cauli-Blossom®. By using just a few simple ingredients you can create a super delicious dish that’s easy and looks a bit fancy. Pop them on a platter and you’ve got a gourmet canape that’ll keep them coming back for another bite.

Alternatively, kick it up a notch and try these vegetarian-friendly and party-perfect Buffalo Cauli Blossom® Fioretto® which just might be as good if not better than traditional Buffalo hot wings. It’ll be a new weekend footy must-have.

Prosciutto wrapped Cauli Blossom Fioretto in a white roasting tray.

Family Favourite, No Fuss

A healthier take on family favourite mac ‘n cheese, kids and adults alike will love Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® with Cheese Sauce. It’s a great way to use ingredients you’ll likely already have on hand. Serve this as a dinner side dish and it’ll become a new family fave.

Cauli Blossom Fioretto drizzled in cheese in a roasting tray.

Brunch Made Simple, and Delicious

Light and healthy, simple and easy, this Cauli-Blossom® Carrot and Haloumi Slice is an excellent vegetarian option. Alternatively, add sliced ham or sautéed chorizo for the meat lovers in your family. It’s a great weekend dish and a creative alternative to a quiche or frittata. You can also meal prep this one and slice it up for your lunch mid-week, saving on lunchtime takeaway, which often comes in excess packaging.

Cauli Blossom Fioretto Slice in a roasting pan, with a plated slice next to the tray.

Zero Food Waste Tips:

  • Buy recyclable food packaging: Cauli-Blossom® packaging is easy to recycle. Make sure to return your soft plastic to your local Woolworths for easy recycling and simply pop the cardboard tray into your home recycling bin.

  • Use eco-friendly alternatives: Cut back on kitchen waste by using air-tight containers for storing leftovers rather than wrapping them in plastic wrap or foil. Alternatively, wax or silicon wraps are a great way to seal bowls and plates in the fridge and are reusable many times over.

  • Store foods correctly: Remember to make the most of your Fioretto® Cauli Blossom, by storing it correctly. Like all fresh produce, keeping it in the right containers and at the right temperature is key to making it last longer. Storing older produce at the front of your fridge or pantry keeps it in sight and front of mind, helping you to use what you have and avoiding it from turning bad. Cauli-Blossom® stays fresher longer by storing stem-down to prevent moisture from gathering at the top. Get some quick tips on storing your produce, such as Broccolini® or Qukes®, other delicious Perfection Fresh Australia delights.

  • Compost if you can: If you simply can’t avoid food scraps, composting is a great way to divert food waste from landfills. Small, indoor compost bins are widely available and are typically small enough to sit discreetly in your kitchen. If you have the space, an outdoor composting system is perfect for creating rich, organic fertilizer for lawns and gardens.

  • Create a weekly meal plan: Pre-planning your meals is not only a good way to cut back on food waste as you’re buying only exactly what you’ll use, but it cuts down on extra packaging from ordering fast food or takeaway meals. It’s also easier on the wallet, too.

Garlic Butter Cauli blossom & Prawns Stir fry in a bowl.

Where to buy Cauli-Blossom®

Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is available at your local Woolworths in the vegetable section, and also at Costco in the produce section.



Amazing Taste, Zero Waste with Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto®

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Amazing Taste, Zero Waste with Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto®

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