How to make Health Goals That Stick

December 31, 2020

How to make health goals that stick


Health goals, the actions we intend to stop doing, start doing or things we want to accomplish are a type of goal, and research in the area of goal setting tells us that in order be successful, goals need a few, essential components.

The underlying principle is that goals need to be SMART - specific, 

measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. 

We’ve simplified this into 3 steps- What, Why and How.


Step one: You need to know ‘WHAT’ you want to accomplish.

You need to know exactly what the goal is. Goals need to be specific and measurable, so that you can know whether or not you have achieved it.

    • If ‘healthy’ is top of your list, consider what being healthy looks like to you and what behaviours accomplish it. Is being healthy knowing you are eating well, feeling great and looking vibrant?

    • The behaviours to help you achieve this could be eating eating a Calypso® Mango every day. With more than 50% of your Vitamin C requirement, plus lots of other nutrients, this super fruit is an easy and delicious way to boost your health!

Calypso Mango Smoothie Bowl Calypso Mango And Haloumi Salad Qukes & Blueberry Ice Blocks_Quke & Calypso Ice Blocks

Step Two: You need to know ‘WHY’ this goal matters to you

We take action when something is important to us, so it makes sense that if you are clear why this goal is personally relevant and important to you, you will prioritise making it happen. One way of building importance is to create strong connection to exactly what life will be like when you have achieved this goal. Imagine it’s 6 months in the future and you’re living your healthier life. Your freezer is stocked with Calypso® mangoes which you enjoy every day, you’re looking vibrant, glowing with health from the daily super fruit nutrient boost. You bounce out of bed and can’t wait to start the day. Capture and revisit this vision - as a mental image, a note to self or vision board - you will have a constant connection to your ‘Why’.

Girl doing yoga

Step Three: You need to know ‘HOW’ to make your goal a reality.

The specific behaviours we are going to start doing need to be broken down as we create an action plan, designing a roadmap that leads us through the steps to lead to success. This includes what we need to prepare, consider and plan for, in order to be able to implement each step of the behaviour. This is the step where we ensure our goal is achievable! For example, make a shopping list, decide when you’ll shop and make sure you’ve bought an entire tray of Calypso® mangoes and other essential fresh ingredients to create your amazing, healthy meals.

Remember to plan for obstacles! Having a tray of Calypso® mangoes means you have an abundant supply of healthy, nutrient rich snacks on hand to bust any sweet cravings throughout the weeks of January.  As Calypso® mangoes will be in abundance and at their best in January, it’s the perfect opportunity to stock your freezer so you can glow with health all year round.

Calypso Mangoes

No matter what your health goal, we know that behaviour change takes time. Calypso® Mangoes have come up with a few ideas to inspire you as you work towards being the best version of you. We’ve got a wellness vision to keep you centered (#3 Imagine your healthy future), an action planner ( #4. Create an action plan roadmap) to help you map out the steps to success and a downloadable habit tracker to watch your progress. We know that with Calypso® mangoes, a healthier you is possible!

Unfortunately calypso wont be in season in six months but perhaps a good opportunity to mention turning it into healthy smoothie cubes or just freezing it to preserve the taste of healthy and enjoy year round.

The perfect companion to resist naughty food temptations. In Jan fruit will be in abundance and at their best, so great opportunity to get an entire tray.

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Sharon Curtain
Dietitian and Health Coach



How to make Health Goals That Stick

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How to make Health Goals That Stick

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