Short on time? Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is your mealtime hero

April 29, 2022

Never be caught out with the I’ve-got-nothing-to-cook-blues when you have super versatile Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® on hand. Nutritious and delicious, its no-waste convenience means it goes further to elevate the simplest dishes – saving you time, pleasing even the pickiest eaters and adding a little flourish to your presentation. All this without busting your grocery budget? Let’s just call it your mealtime hero, shall we?


Stalks of Cauli Blossom on a white chopping board.

Cauliflower’s sophisticated, more flavourful cousin

There’s a new cauli in town. With delicate florets and a sweetly mild flavour, Cauli-Blossom® strikes that fine balance between amazing taste, great nutrition and convenience. Creamy white in colour with tiny buttery blossoms and slender green stems, its edible from stalk to crown and is every bit as tasty raw as it is cooked. You can dip it, shred it, pickle it, steam it, sear it, bbq it, bake it, air-fry it… the possibilities really are endless. Another thing you’ll love about this versatile veggie? Its tender crunch adds just the right amount of texture to meals and snacks and there’s nothing to trim off before beginning prep – no waste! Your most difficult decision will be in choosing from the many ways to serve it up.

Prepping Cauli-Blossom®

Cauli-Blossom needs little preparation, and you can eat the whole veggie. Simply pull apart the floret bouquet and use. For larger florets, you can slice them in half lengthways. 

A big bowl of butter chicken with broccolini and cauli-blossom with roti and fresh coriander next to it.

Weeknight time-saver that makes mealtimes effortless; feed the family well

 Stress less about getting meals on the table and enjoy more time with friends and family – that’s the stuff that really matters. What’s better than feeding those you love with food you’re proud to put in front of them? Make the most of weeknight togetherness with these five easy recipes that will keep you serving smiles from Monday to Friday. 

  • A genuine crowd-pleaser, this Butter Chicken with Broccolini® and Cauli-Blossom® is going to be on high rotation. Easy to put together, you can even leave out the chicken for a filling and easy vegetarian meal. Our top tip? Make extra; leftovers can be a real luxury for lunch.
  • Suitable as a side dish, or as a main when you’re looking for something a bit less heavy, pop a tray of beautiful Cauli-Blossom® into the oven for roasting with drizzles of heart-healthy olive oil. Maybe you’d like to add your own hazelnut dukkah and a bit of labneh? This quick dish is a winner you’ll make over and over again.
  • Fire up the heat if you’d like or keep the seasonings mostly mild. No matter what you decide spice-wise, these Cauli-Blossom® and Pork San Choy Bau delights are ready to please. Crunchy, savoury and oh-so-yummy, they’re a fun way to eat your vegetables and a speedy solution to suppertime satisfaction.
  • Breakfast for dinner? We say, why not? Easily digestible and always dependable omelettes lend themselves to smart eating and are the perfect companion to tender Cauli-Blossom® tastiness. Mix in your favourite sauce (we suggest sriracha and mayo) and tuck the white tender stalks inside for an unhurried meal that everyone will enjoy.
  • Prawns signal an impressive and flavourful meal, and since they cook in a flash, we knew they’d be a go for our Garlic Butter Cauli-Blossom® and Prawn We won’t tell anyone how easy this one was to whip up, so you can enjoy the kudos! Imagine the aroma of this tasty but quick-to-plate feast bringing everyone to the dinner table.

Carrot, halloumi and cauli-blossom slice in a baking tray, with a slice on a plate next to it.

Impressively quick for serving guests

 Your next gathering will stand out from the rest with easy yet thoughtful treats that guests find hard to resist. There’s no need to spend all day preparing, though. Why not try a few of our fast and fabulous options for catering to a crowd, no matter the size. Prepare to impress.

  • Cauli-Blossom®, Carrot and Haloumi slice is a colourful way to provide finger food for parties and get-togethers. Serve it at home, or make it ahead of time. Since it travels well, it’s a great addition to book clubs, work parties or for sharing with friends and neighbours, too.
  • This one couldn’t be simpler or quicker to whip up but will go quickly, so prepare plenty! Prosciutto Wrapped Charred Cauli-Blossom® are a perfect match with a bit of fig or quince paste and satisfy both big and small appetites. Plus, they’re pretty on a plate and heavenly to eat.
  • Crisp and crunch are never an issue with the completely more-ish Buffalo Cauli-Blossom®. Prepare for a mouth-watering good time – you’ll be replenishing these often. Dip ‘em in yoghurt with hot chilli or drizzle on some honey.
  • Put out some mini-pizzas with a little extra panache and watch them disappear! Simply add Cauli-Blossom® to a pizza base with pesto or marinara and a bit of cheese on top. Broil in the oven and you’re good to go!

 So, add some Cauli-Blossom® to your cart and save yourself the food prep scramble. Versatile, delicious and nutritious, you’ll love your new mealtime hero.

Prosciutto wrapped cauli blossom in a white baking tray.

Where to buy Cauli-Blossom®

Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is available at your local Woolworths in the vegetable section and at independent retailers. It is also available at Costco in the produce section.



Short on time? Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is your mealtime hero

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Short on time? Cauli-Blossom® Fioretto® is your mealtime hero

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