The One and Only Broccolini®

October 22, 2020


Next time you are in store purchasing "Broccolini" for your mid-week stir fry, look out for the name on the tag. Like many things in life, there are the superior options and then there are...others.

Produce_LR_Broccolini_StyledBroccolini® is head and shoulders above the rest. Read further so you experience the superior option each and every time.

The one and only

Genuine trademarked Broccolini® is a varietal cross between broccoli and Chinese kale. It has a mild, peppery sweet flavour and it’s completely edible, from its tender stems to delicate tips – so there’s nothing to cut, nothing to waste! It is not ordinary broccoli picked early. While there are copycat products available, only Broccolini® has its distinct, unique taste with a peppery edge.

  • Easy - No prep required, no waste and quick to cook in any cuisine!

  • Versatile - Steam, pan sautè, roast or microwave, Broccolini® suits any cooking style.

  • A sweet mild flavour even the kids will love.

Broccolini® – the specialty green grown and marketed exclusively by Perfection Fresh Australia – is the green other greens envy.

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How do you know you have the real Broccolini®?

Broccolini® is visually different to baby broccoli. It has delicate open floral tops (not little dense heads) and will have leaner stems. All Broccolini® sold will have the Broccolini® name and somewhere on the tag that it's from Perfection Fresh. If doesn't have Broccolini® and Perfection Fresh on the tag, it isn't Broccolini®. Broccolini® and baby broccoli are occasionally merchandised together on store shelves.

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What makes Broccolini® special?

  • Exclusive variety branded Broccolini® which means exceptional and consistent quality
  • Sweeter & more tender than alternative varieties
  • Available year round
  • No preparation, ready to cook
  • No-waste, edible from stem to tip (like asparagus)
  • Contains high levels of phytonutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium for a happy heart, immunity-boosting Vitamin C, and beta-carotene for healthy skin
  • Handsome and entirely desirable on the plate
  • Mild with a subtly peppery finish that sweetens when cooked


Broccolini® – the green veggie which turned the brassica category on its head over 20 years ago – continues to shape Australian eating habits. Since it has been available in Australia, it has gone from being a virtual unknown to one of the most frequently bought greens – renowned for its appealing nature and whole-veggie eating attributes. In the beginning, Broccolini® was desired as a gourmet vegetable and sought after by restaurants, cafes, and gourmet home cooks. Today, it has become a popular every day vegetable that featuring regularly in family meals.

Where it’s grown

Unheard of in Australia until Perfection Fresh introduced it in 1999, Broccolini® is now grown year 'round by 14 producers in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.



How to cook Broccolini®

Broccolini® is the easiest and fastest vegetable to consume. With no preparation required, all you need to do is rinse, shake gently and cook. A versatile vegetable that is quick to cook and delicious roasted, stir-fried, steamed, microwaved, barbecued, salads, added to soups and stews or even eaten raw. Visit this page 10 ways to cook Broccolini® for more descriptive solutions.

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3 recipe suggestions:

Recipe_LR_Broccolini_Greek Style Chicken Roast_Janelle Bloom_2020_01

1. ROAST One Pan Greek-style Roast Chicken & Broccolini®


Recipe_LR_Broccolini_Fioretto_Duck Broccolini and Fioretto Stirfry_Janelle Bloom_2020_03

2. STIR-FRY Hoisin Duck Broccolini® and Fioretto® Stir-fry


Recipe_LR_Qukes_Broccolini_Solanato_Smashed Qukes Vegan Bowl_Janelle Bloom_2020_01-1

3. SALAD Smashed Qukes® Vegan Bowl


Where and when to find Broccolini®

Broccolini® is available year 'round at Woolworths, Coles and independent retail outlets across Australia. Store sealed in the fridge and eat within a few days of purchase.




The One and Only Broccolini®

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The One and Only Broccolini®

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