No Bake Calypso Mango Celebration Cake Recipe


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No Bake Calypso Mango Celebration Cake Recipe
  • Prep Time

    45 min + overnight refrigeration

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    0 min

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TipRemove the base from 22cm (base) springform cake pan. Place the round side of the cake pan onto a serving plate. 2 Cut the cheeks from the mangos. Using a large spoon, remove the mango fruit from the cheeks, dice the fruit. Set 100ml of the cream and 125g mascarpone aside in the fridge until ready to serve. Whip the remaining 500ml cream to soft peaks. Fold in 250g of mascarpone and diced mango. 3 To assemble the cake, pour the malibu into a small dish. Dip flat side of biscuits, one at a time in the Malibu then and arrange over the base on the plate (you may need to cut one or two to fill centre gap). Using about 1 rounded cup mango cream, spread over the biscuits. Drizzle with a heaped tablespoon salted caramel. Repeat the layers, alternating the biscuits, cream and caramel, so you have 5 biscuit layers. Finish with a layer of cream. Cover and refrigerate overnight. 4 To make the chocolate curls, spread the melted chocolate over a marble board or upturned baking tray (flat side). Allow to set at room temperature. Using firm pressure, run a long-bladed knife across the surface of chocolate to form curls. Place onto a tray lined with baking paper and keep in the fridge. 5 Loosen and remove the cake pan. Whip the reserved cream to soft peaks. Fold in the reserved mascarpone. Spread over the top and side of the cake. Decorate with mango, raspberries and white chocolate curls if using.
TipYou can replace the Malibu with Kahlua or mango nectar for a child friendly dessert.

No Bake Calypso® Mango Celebration Cake

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No Bake Calypso® Mango Celebration Cake

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