Fresh and In Season - July

July 1, 2020

Fresh and in Season-1

In abundance and at their best this July.



Whats in Season?Produce_LR_Blueberries Individual Punnet-1

Perfection Fresh Blueberries are in peak supply this Winter. The cold nights and sunny days make for quality extra large, mouth-melting Blueberries.

Where are Perfection Blueberries grown?

These tunnel grown little blue wonders are packed full of goodies including vitamin C and potassium. This months pick are grown in Bundaberg Queensland.

How to use Perfection Blueberries? 

Make the most out of fresh Perfection Blueberries this July and experiment with this delicious Perfection Raspberry Maple Coconut Self Saucing Pudding.

Recipe_LR_Blackberry_Blueberry_Berry Streusel Pies_Janelle Bloom_2019_4

PF_Broccolini_Logo_Black-1Broccolini Bunch

What is Broccolini®?

Imagine a mix of Broccoli and Chinese kale. It's mild, peppery, sweet and tender. Broccolini® is packed with more than flavour, but potassium for a happy heart and immunity-boosting vitamin C for a healthy Winter. 

Where is Broccolini® grown?

Whilst available year round your favourite green veg, Broccolini®, is at its best and in abundance thanks to the perfect Winter climate in Gatton Queensland. Gatton's mild climate and rich black soils make it perfect for producing sweet, flavoursome Broccolini®.. and we've been doing so for over 20 years!

How to use Broccolini®?

Switch up your weekday dinner by throwing this easy, peasy fridge staple into your next stir fry. Our favourite this month is our Broccolini® with Honey Soy Beef Noodles.

Recipe_LR_Broccolini with Honey Soy Beef & Hokkien Noodles_Janelle Bloom_2019_1




What is Fioretto® Cauli Blossom?

Have you met Fioretto®? Cauliflowers better looking and tasting cousin is in abundance and exclusive to Woolworths stores. Full of flavour, Fioretto® is creamy and mildly nutty on its top, with delightfully sweet and tasty green stems.

Where is Fioretto® Cauli Blossom grown?

Our newest addition to the Perfection family, Fioretto® is now in season and thanks to the cool Winter climate and fertile plains in Werribee Victoria, its tall green stems and white florets look and taste their best.

How to use Fioretto® Cauli Blossom?

Don’t miss out on the newest veg. Fioretto® won’t be available for long so try it today in a salad, stir-fried, roasted or even barbecued. Our favourite recipe this month is a quick and delicious Fioretto® Carbonara.


Fresh and In Season - July

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Fresh and In Season - July

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