How to Create a Healthy New Year Action Plan Roadmap

December 31, 2020

How to create a healthy new year action plan roadmap coverHEALTHY NEW YEAR ACTION PLAN

There’s a saying that a goal without a plan is just a wish, and although some wishes do come true, goals without plans are unlikely to translate into the healthy future you dream of.

Successful goals need to be broken down into achievable steps, and now you have a clear, inspiring health goal in mind, you need to choose a behaviour or two to focus on. It can be tempting to want to change everything at once but we know, unequivocally, that this is destined for disaster.

Start small and master each behaviour, building confidence and moving forward. You can’t eat a Calypso® mango in just one bite after all, and taking the time to prepare it leads to a much more enjoyable experience. Learn how to hedgehog your mango here

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Once you’ve chosen the behaviours that will achieve your healthy New Year goals you can work on the steps to bring the plan to life.

To create a healthy New Year action plan roadmap you will need to write down all the steps you need to take, the reminders and prompts that will keep you on track, the night before preparation, the time that you will do each step, who you can call on for support, who will keep you on track, as well as the people who may try to sabotage you!


This example explains how to create a healthy New Year action plan using Calypso® mangoes.

The behaviour we’re focusing on is ‘eat a healthy lunch each weekday’.

  1. Choose five healthy lunch recipes using Calypso® mangoes for example:

2. Write a shopping list for the ingredients I need to buy (e. g. Lots of Calypso® mangoes )

3. Buy the ingredients on Sunday afternoon at 4pm

4. Set a reminder to go shopping on Sunday at 4pm

5. Write out the weekly meal plan and put it on the fridge

6. Buy some glass containers to take lunch in

7. Tell my work colleague my goal and ask for her support to stay on track

8. Have a back up plan of frozen Calypso® mangoes

A well thought through plan helps to keep you on track as being prepared for each step and possible obstacle helps you feel confident that you have the ability to achieve your goal.

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How to Create a Healthy New Year Action Plan Roadmap

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How to Create a Healthy New Year Action Plan Roadmap

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