Make the Most of Every Summer Moment with Calypso® Mangoes

October 22, 2021

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We deserve a bit of indulgence this year, don’t you think? We see you out there, gleefully planning dinners and BBQs and picnics. Maybe you’re readying the car for weekend sport and days at the beach – it’s time for fun! The summer necessities you’ll always want to have on hand? Calypso® Mangoes! Consider them your go-to summer fruit for making entertaining easy and snacking healthy without weighing you down, literally! Calypso® Mangoes are fat-free and fibre-full, so say goodbye to bloat and hello to feeling and looking your best.  

Recipe_WR_Calypso Mango_BBQ Chilli Calypso Cheeks_Savoury_02_2019

Packed with Superfood Nutrition

At the peak of mouth-watering ripeness right now, Calypso® leaves your taste buds tingling while you delight in delicious days of outdoor activities, wide-open window weather and catch-ups with all of your favourite people. Buy ‘em by the box and choose Calypso® to lay on the flavour. Did you know you can freeze them? Versatile and nutrient-dense, just one Calypso® mango will amp up your energy while delivering immunity-boosting antioxidants. Vitamin C and A are vital for glowing skin and adding Calypsos® to a balanced diet can keep your heart healthy. Bursting with luscious juiciness, you don’t want to do summer without these plump golden superfoods. 

Calypso® Mangoes Make Entertaining a Breeze

Fire up the BBQ and lay out the platters because summer entertaining is in full swing! Is there anything better than inviting people into your home and connecting over good food? Make memories with these fantastic recipes for hosting friends, neighbours and family. No one will know how deceptively easy they are, and we won’t tell. 

      • Flooded with flavour, pop some cheeks on your BBQ with these Chilli Lime Calypso® Mangoes that will have mouths watering in anticipation. The perfect mix of sweet and spicy, add ice cream on top for melting yumminess. Fair warning – these go fast, so have plenty on hand! 

      • Keep guests happy with the best of the season and plate up some Calypso® Mango and Prawn Kebabs with Sweet Chilli and Avocado Dip. So fresh and easy, they don’t require loads of prep, which means you have more time to do other things… like spend an extra hour by the pool? 

      • Oh-so-impressive, our Calypso® Mango Daiquiri Trifle is as gorgeous as it is delicious. A small bit of rum gives it a zippy finish but consider it optional – it can easily be left out. Layers of texture can’t be beat for sweet treats, and everyone will want seconds.

      • Calypso® Mango Basil Pimm’s? Yes, please. Refreshing and classic, add two Qukes® baby cucumbers for garnish. Cheers!

        Recipe_WR_Calypso Mango_Mango Basil Pimms_2020_01

Relax with These Quick Summer Meals Using Calypso® Mangoes 

Warmer weather signals the arrival of these round beauties, and just in time. There’s a reason why they’re known as the King of Fruits, and they’ve certainly earned their place on the table. Their versatility makes them a lifesaver for both sweet and savoury recipes, and the health benefits make them a great choice for including in meals. 


Calypso Mango_Thai Style Mango Slaw

Calypso® Mangoes Make Summer TREATing More Fun

Food is for enjoyment, for sharing and for celebrating. These fun recipes are a delight to make for yourself, and especially for others. Watch the smiles light up their faces! 

  • Grab some paddle pop sticks and get ready to enjoy a breezy summer treat with our Calypso® Mango Pops. The best thing about these? Eating them of course! The topping choices are endless. Think chocolate, crushed nuts, yogurt, hundreds and thousands, chilli flakes, sesame seeds, lime zest… see what we mean? 

  • Is there anything better than a snappy beverage to celebrate the warmer weather? Try a Calypso® Mango and Perfection Gin & Tonic for guaranteed good vibes. Don’t leave out the pretty flowers and fresh herbs for garnish. 

  • You don’t have to be plant-based to relish these Calypso® Mango Vegan Choc Coco Bars. Make these ahead of time and you’ll always have an ace up your sleeve for last-minute get-togethers. 

  • These Brulee Calypso® Mangoes with Passionfruit Cream are irresistible and make for a delightful breakfast or a cheeky snack. Cook them in batches and expect compliments! 

So there you are, spoilt for choice and armed with the best recipes of the season. What will you make first? Summer moments call for Calypso® Mangoes!


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Make the Most of Every Summer Moment with Calypso® Mangoes

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Make the Most of Every Summer Moment with Calypso® Mangoes

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