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From the farm to you, all the inside news and updates as well as delicious recipes using the best Aussie produce.

      Sustainability Cooking

      No Waste Perfection Berries Recipes

      Did you know that food waste is costing Australian households $2000-$2500 per year, with some consumers admitting that ...

      14 February '23

      Product News Cooking

      Freshen up your summer with Calypso® mangoes

      Freshen up your summer with calypso® mangoes If your diet, mood, or energy levels could do with an injection of ...

      18 January '23


      Quick and Easy Summer Breakfast Recipes to Beat the Heat

      Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kickstart your day off right with one of these breakfast recipes that ...

      11 January '23

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      Product News Cooking

      Kick start your year with Calypso® Mangoes

      Kick start your year with calypso® mangoes The new year is always an enticing invitation to create a new you. It is the ...

      09 January '23


      Introducing Sweet Sapphire® Black Grapes​

      Introducing Sweet sapphire® Black Seedless Grapes Learn more about Sweet Sapphire® Black Seedless Grapes, the newest ...

      02 January '23

      Company news

      Perfection Fresh Baby Cucumbers Response

      13 January 2023 Perfection Fresh Statement: Baby cucumbers linked to salmonella cases in Western Australia

      30 December '22

      Cooking Food Safety & Nutrition

      Bring Perfection to the Festive Table this Christmas

      🎄The Festive Season is Finally Here! 🎄 Celebrate this holiday with a love for fresh produce by creating charming ...

      13 December '22

      Cooking Food Safety & Nutrition

      Add more vegetables to your Christmas table with Broccolini®

      The holiday season is here! During this time, turkeys, ham, roasts, and desserts tend to take centre stage. However, ...

      12 December '22