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From the farm to you, all the inside news and updates as well as delicious recipes using the best Aussie produce.

      Product News Food Safety & Nutrition

      Celebrate Cucumber Day: We love our Qukes® to snack anytime.

      To celebrate International Cucumber Day, we take a #perfectionfreshmoment to honour this incredible vegetable and ...

      14 June '23

      Sustainability Farming

      Sustainable Farming Methods and Controlled Environment Agriculture – working together with Nature

      There is so much talk around the idea of Sustainable Farming methods; glasshouse, ecological, organic, Ecoganic®, ...

      25 May '23

      Product News Cooking

      Steamed Broccolini - Step by Step

      Learn the RIGHT way to steam Broccolini® so it’s crisp, tender and delicious! Ready to serve in less than 5 minutes, ...

      03 May '23

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      Product News Cooking

      Oven Roasted Broccolini - Step by Step

      Learn how to oven roast Broccolini®, the super simple superfood. Roasted Broccolini® makes for an excellent weeknight ...

      28 April '23


      Stop Food Waste and #useitall

      At Perfection Fresh, we are working to make the goodness of fruit and vegetables a more significant, more loved part of ...

      28 April '23

      Cooking Food Safety & Nutrition

      What Does the 5 Vegetables & 2 Fruits Serving Suggestion Actually Mean?

      At some stage in our lives, from our parental figures or media, we've all heard that a healthy diet includes the daily ...

      21 April '23

      Cooking Food Safety & Nutrition

      What are the Key Benefits from Eating 5 Vegetables & 2 Fruits That You Should Know?

      We all know eating 5 vegetables and 2 fruits is good for us. Most have seen the ads saying so. Western Australians in ...

      21 April '23

      Product News Cooking

      Air Fryer Broccolini - Step by Step

      Learn the BEST way to Air Fry Broccolini®. It's a great side to your favourite protein such as beef, chicken, fish, or ...

      19 April '23