17 Best Tomato Recipes to Make - What to make with Fresh Tomatoes

February 14, 2024

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Summer is the season of tomatoes, with an endless array of varieties available. In this recipe collection, we have everything from tomato salad recipes featuring Monterosa® heirloom tomatoes, to tomato tarts perfect for a picnic, to bruschetta, and robust mains which feature pasta to tray bakes.

Bright, Beautiful Salads

Tomato salads make for a refreshing summer side or main meal. The salad list below features gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. There are two types of tomato carpaccio salads, one with a vanilla tabasco vinaigrette to the second featuring an olive and honey dressing both featuring heirloom Monterosa® tomatoes. Then there’s a smoked salmon salad using colourful Mix-a-Mato tomatoes, perfect for a picnic or BBQ.

Monterosa® Heirloom Tomatoes Carpaccio with Olives & Honey dressing

Sliced Monterosa tomatoes in different colours on a black plate with dressing on top.

Kumato® Olive Chicken Salad 

A bowl with tomato wedges, lettuce, chicken and olives.

Mix-a-Mato® Smoked Salmon Bagel Salad

A plate with a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, smoked salmon and bagels.

Romatherapy® Baby Roma Tomato Summer Salad

Cobb salad with boiled eggs, avovado, onions, olives, prawns and romatherapy tomatoes on a bed of lettuce.

Summer Tomato tartS

Served hot or cold, taken to a picnic or enjoyed for a light summer lunch, tomato tarts are one of the best ways to use fresh tomatoes. Make your own pastry from scratch, or buy a pack from the supermarket, these delicious tomato tarts featuring darkly delicious Kumato® tomatoes, Mix-a-Mato® Tomatoes and Monterosa® heirloom tomatoes are bound to please.

Three Cheese Kumato® Tart

Puff pastry tart topped with sliced Kumato tomatoes, basil and cheese.

Mix-a-Mato® and Monterosa® Tomato Tart with Olive Haloumi Pastry

Pastry tart with sliced tomatoes, and basil with a knife next to it. On the right are a variety of tomatoes.

Kumato® Tomato Tart with Shortcrust Pastry

A roasted kumato tomato tart in a white cast iron pot with a slice cut out,and tomatoes on the side.

Classic Tomato Bruschetta 

Who doesn’t love a tomato bruschetta? It’s a classic Italian dish which can be enjoyed with a light salad for lunch, served as starters at a party, or enjoyed as a snack by the pool with your favourite summer beverage.

Kumato® Tomato Bruschetta with Sourdough

A sourdough loaf cut in half, and topped wth tomatoes, and cream cheese. It's cut in wedges.

Classic Bruschetta with Monterosa® Tomatoes

Toasted bread with cream cheese, and sliced monterosa tomates on top with basil.

Chargrilled Mix-a-Mato® Bruschetta

Recipe_LR_Mixamato_Chargrilled Mixamato Bruschetta_2022_03

Garlic bread Bruschetta with sweet Solanato® tomatoes

Three plates of garlic bread bruschetta topped with roasted solanato tomatoes and basil. Plus a plate of roasted tomatoes on the side.

Tomato mains for Lunch & dinner

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient to add to your meals. Whether you’re making a quick and easy midweek lunch, a family weeknight dinner, or a showstopper for the holidays they add flavour and punch to all your meals. Check out a list of tomato mains that are perfect for lunch & dinner.

Oven baked Salmon with Mix-a-Mato tomatoes

Recipe_LR_Mixamato_Oven Baked Salmon with Mixamato Tomatoes_2023_04

Roast beef fillet with Kumato® Tomato Salsa criolla

Recipe_LR_Kumato_Roast Beef Fillet with Kumato Tomato Salsa Criolla_2023_05

Mexican chicken tray bake with Mix-a-Mato® tomatoes

Recipe_LR_Mixamato_Mexican Chicken Tray Bake_2022_04-1

Romatherapy® baby Roma tomato Spaghetti with crispy Lemon Crumbs

Recipe_LR_Romatherapy_Baby Roma Tomato Spaghetti with Crispy Lemon Crumbs_2023_05-jpg

Roast Solanato tomato and Mustard chicken with French fries

A baking tray with roasted chicken, solanato tomatoes, and herbs sprinkled on top with a spoon.



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17 Best Tomato Recipes to Make - What to make with Fresh Tomatoes

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17 Best Tomato Recipes to Make - What to make with Fresh Tomatoes

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