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From the farm to you, all the inside news and updates as well as delicious recipes using the best Aussie produce.

      Cooking Food Safety & Nutrition

      Add more vegetables to your Christmas table with Broccolini®

      The holiday season is here! During this time, turkeys, ham, roasts, and desserts tend to take centre stage. However, ...

      12 December '22

      Product News

      Qukes Baby Cucumbers Jersey Pack launches during Football season

      Perfection Fresh Qukes® baby cucumbers launch limited edition football pack to promote as a healthy sporting snack.

      21 November '22

      Product News Cooking

      4 Quick Bites Featuring Heirloom Monterosa Tomatoes

      The Monterosa® Heirloom tomato is an unparalleled tomato. Its asymmetrical shape and delicate flavour make it more ...

      04 November '22

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      Sustainability Food Safety & Nutrition

      Plant Power is all the rage but are all meat alternatives created equal?

      With the ever-increasing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism, more and more consumers are interested in meat ...

      21 October '22


      Qukes Recipes for Every Snacking Occasion

      Whether you are a kid or an adult, getting from breakfast to lunch to dinner without snacking on something is tough.

      20 October '22

      More fleshy, more silky – Australia’s favourite Calypso® Mangoes have arrived!

      The first freshly harvested, exceptional quality Calypso® Mangoes will be available nationally at all major ...

      13 October '22

      Product News Cooking

      2 Easy Savoury Breakfast Recipes using Kumato® Tomatoes

      Get ready for a strong, distinctively sweet flavour that will subtly change as the Tomato darkens. Try our Kumato® in ...

      07 October '22

      Product News Cooking

      Kickstart a New Year of Healthy Habits with Qukes®

      Qukes® are a versatile little veggie, perfect for small hands and jam-packed full of flavour. Dip them, munch them or ...

      07 October '22