CEO Update - Christmas means Family, Friends, and Food

December 3, 2020

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We’re on the fast track to Christmas and now that state borders are open to most of us, we have the opportunity to visit our loved ones, and celebrate the end of a tough year – together.

Think back to your favourite Christmases. Usually they’re memories filled with presents, laughter, and tables full of delicious food. Cold prawns, smoky ham, a glistening roast, refreshing salads, sweet desserts – all finished with fresh fruit – in the company of people we love. The times we remember are the ones we share.

And after such a lifechanging year, it’s time to celebrate … and there’s no better way to do that than spend time with family and friends, with excellent food.

In Australia, Christmas in summer means we have access to a wide range of fruits and vegetables which bring the taste of summer to life.

So for this update, I’d like to share some of my favourite Christmas dishes that will be gracing the tables of the Perfection family this season.

We’ll start with a Christmas grazing board – complete with Qukes®, Mix-a-mato® tomatoes, charcuterie like salami, prosciutto and chorizo, as well as brie and olives – with gourmet finger food like sticky chicken, smoked salmon and prawns. Christmas Grazing Board

There’s a vegetarian version – Barbecue Broccolini® antipasto shared board – the charred sweetness of corn, eggplant, Mini Caps®, pumpkin, and low carb sweet potato, topped with a herb oil.

For mains, a one pan roast chicken & Broccolini® which is easy to double or even triple depending on your numbers, and a Calypso® mango and macadamia glazed ham – ham goes a long way - accompanied by a cooling Raspberry, blackberry & watermelon salad with whipped feta

One Pan Greek-Style Roast Chicken & Broccolini®

For dessert, a simple but stunning Calypso® mango pistachio pavlova wreath with hazelnut spread. And of course, what would a get-together be without a refreshing drink – we have a Calypso® mango & Perfection blueberry gin and tonic

Calypso Mango and Perfection Blueberry Gin & Tonic

You’ll find most of these recipes in our ebooks for Christmas and Summer, or on our Perfection Fresh site.

2020_Christmas-Menu-AND-Summer ebooks cover

From our Perfection family to yours – have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy all the delights nature has to offer. Here’s to a happy, healthy, brighter, more peaceful 2021!



CEO Update - Christmas means Family, Friends, and Food

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CEO Update - Christmas means Family, Friends, and Food

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