Fresh and In Season - December

December 3, 2020

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The festive season is here and our Summer produce picks are in abundance and at its best. This month we have provided the best entertaining recipes to showcase our top picks for December fresh eating. Our Aussie growers are working hard to ensure bountiful premium fruits and vegetables make it to your Christmas tables. 

This Christmas, fresh is best! Get excited for flavour overload this December!


The qutest, qrunchiest veg is in season and full of that sun sweetened flavour you love. Qukes 250g pack

Coming out of Two Wells, South Australia, our Qukes® baby cucumbers are the perfect fresh snack to get you through the busy season. Don't under estimate the humble Qukes® small size. It can make a big impact in various dishes.


Qukes® Baby Cucumbers recipe suggestions

Tossed in a salad, added to your graze board or sliced in half and added to your G&T, Qukes® is a must this December. We have selected our top Qukes® recipes to enjoy this December. 


Qukes Summer Snacking Platter

Calypso Mango Quke Feta And Mint Salsa

Qukes® Summer Snacking Platter Calypso® Mango & Qukes® Salsa 

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Nothing says Christmas quite like an irresistible Calypso® Mango. Celebrate this Christmas with Australians favourite fruit - mango! The start of the Calypso® mango Queensland season has begun. Flavourable growing conditions are producing big, flavourful fruit. Take advantage of the abundance and pick up a tray to enjoy throughout the week. 

Calypso® mangoes are the perfect addition to your celebrations. This December they are coming out of the Northern Territory. 

Calypso Mango Mango Pav Wreath

Panna Cotta Mango Berry Tart

Calypso® Mango Pistachio Wreath with Hazlenut Spread Calypso® Mango Panna Cotta Tart

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Mixamato with olive oil and Salt 320g pack

Nothing brightens up your festive meals quite like Mix-a-mato®. 

Simple, fresh and in abundance, this mixed medley is coming out of our Two Wells, South Australia glasshouses. Each tomato variety is packed with mouth-watering flavour fiesta. 

Mix-a-mato® Christmas Recipe Suggestions 

The possibilities are endless with Mix-a-mato®. Check out our top two December recipes picks. 

Solanato, Qukes, Mixamato Christmas Grazing Board Loaded Mixamato Margarita Guacamole

Qukes®, Solanato®, Mix-a-mato® Tomato
Christmas Grazing Board
Loaded Mix-a-Mato® Tomato Margarita Guacamole




Produce_LR_Broccolini_2019_Bunch_Tag_3_etched-1Your favourite no waste veg is at its best and in plentiful supply this December. Did you know Broccolin is not the same as baby broccoli? Make sure you are putting the real deal in your Christmas dishes. Find out how to spot the difference here.


Where Broccolini® is Grown this December

This December Broccolini® is being harvested in most Australian states. The growing conditions in South Australia are proving perfect this time of year for outstanding quality Broccolini®

Broccolini® Christmas Recipe Suggestions 

Recipe_LR_Broccolini_Tomato Medley & Potato Salad_Janelle Bloom_2017_1Recipe_LR_Broccolini_Minicaps_Chargrilled Vegetable Board_Janelle Bloom_2020_02






Broccolini®, Mix-a-mato® Tomato & Potato Salad Barbecue Broccolini® Antipasto Shared Board

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About Perfection Raspberries


Exclusive to Perfection Fresh, these particular raspberries are in peak supply with ideal growing conditions allowing for quality, extra large, mouth-melting raspberries.

Where Perfection Raspberries are Grown

These tunnel grown gems are packed full of goodies including antioxidants, iron and magnesium. This Decembers pick are grown in Queensland and Victoria.

Perfection Raspberry Christmas Recipe Suggestions

Festive red and packed full of sweet flavour, Perfection Raspberries are versatile and pretty up any sweet or savoury dish.

Recipe_LR_Raspberries_Raspberry Eclairs_Janelle Bloom_2020_04Recipe_LR_Raspberries_Pull Apart Raspberry Pavlova_Janelle Bloom_2020_03






Raspberry Eclairs Pull Apart Perfection Raspberry Pavlova

More Perfection Raspberry recipes here.


Produce_LR_Mixed Berries_Berry Christmas_Styled_2019_2

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Fresh and In Season - December

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Fresh and In Season - December

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