Is health one of your New Year’s resolutions?

December 31, 2020



If you’re a sweet tooth and your goal for a healthier new year is quitting (or reducing) sugar, you might be worried about what is going to bring you happiness and get you through the 3pm slump.

The good news is that you can have a healthier 2021 and keep your love of ‘sweet’. Sugar laden processed treats may no longer be part of your day, however dietitians everywhere agree - unanimously - that sugars found in their natural form, within nutrient dense foods such as fruit, do not need to be avoided, quit, cut down or left out .

Giving up the sugary snacks doesn’t have to mean the end of rewarding yourself and enjoying a delicious treat. Naturally, exquisitely sweet, Calypso® mangoes contain only natural sugars bundled with fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants and many other micronutrients.

  • Start your day perfectly with a delicious Calypso® mango smoothie bowl
    Recipe_LR_Calypso Mango_Smoothie Bowls 3 Ways_Janelle Bloom_2018_1
  • Craving a mid morning pick me up? Look no further than your fruit bowl. Calypso® mangoes are naturally sweet (✔), full of vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre and folate (✔) and come with no post-eating regret.
  • Craving some mid afternoon sugar to get get you through? Calypso® mangoes make the perfect snack, tasting indulgent but providing only around 80 cals per cheeks and there’s no post processed sugar slump.
  • Love dessert? A Calypso® mango and ginger smoothie is a refreshing and guilt free after dinner treat to end your day
    Calypso Mango Ginger Smoothie

With Calypso® Mangoes you don’t have to compromise or feel deprived. You can have happy taste buds and tick off the health goal at the same time.


Life can be a bit of a rush, trying to squeeze in all the competing priorities and meeting everyone’s needs. The important things, like eating Calypso® Mangoes, can get pushed aside. We eat on the run, not even taking the time to taste our food or even recognise how much we’ve eaten. We lose touch with our natural instincts like eating when we feel hungry and stopping when we feel full.

Eating mindfully can help us slow down and become aware of our body. This can help us reduce overeating, make better choices based on what we need to nourish ourselves, notice cues like feeling satisfied or full, as well as allowing us to reflect on the reasons we have reached for a certain food.

This simple mindful eating exercise using Calypso® mangoes encourages us to use all our senses to explore and notice the enjoyment of eating.

Tune into your body. Notice how you are feeling. Then pick up your Calypso® mango :

  1. Notice the beautiful blush colour of the Calypso® mango, with it’s golden yellow hue that tells you it is ripe and ready to eat.
  2. Engage your sense of smell, inhaling the sweet distinctive aroma of the Calypso® Mango
  3. Engage your sense of touch, feeling the smooth texture of the skin. Cut each cheek away from the seed, noticing how the knee glides through the firm and silky flesh. Taking your time, cut each cheek into segments from top to bottom and peel the skin away from the flesh.
  4. Become aware of how you are feeling, there may be a sparkle of anticipation as you prepare to eat the juicy squares of mango. It’s time to engage your sense of taste! Notice the natural sweetness of the Calypso® Mango, all the delicious flavours dancing on your tastebuds.
  5. Notice any memories that come to mind, perhaps of long summer days, barbecues with Calypso mango salads, or tropical holidays with family.
  6. Finally, notice how you feel, how the natural sweetness has satisfied any sugar cravings, how you feel good that you’ve eaten something so delicious and so good for you.
Produce_LR_Calypso_styled_6_etch_mango only

Having Calypso® Mangoes in the fruit bowl helps to ensure you have the perfect nutritious and flavour filled snack on a busy day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness as you see, touch, taste, smell and savour the naturally, deliciously sweet and satisfying experience of Calypso® Mangoes.




Calypso® Mangoes are all about positivity. We accept that every fruit comes in different shapes and sizes and that there’s no such thing as perfect. We love a filtered selfie and posting our perfect smoothie bowl on social media, but we’re about being real. What you see is what you get with a Calypso® Mango.

It can be difficult, being a summer fruit. There’s so much colour happening, those cute little berries and apples, with that shiny peel, and perky crisp flesh. We’re different, curvier. In fact, because we’ve got a small seed we have more flesh than other mangoes. Of course that means even more of all our goodness, and we know we’re great on the inside, full of antioxidants and vitamin C, folate and fibre, but sometimes we feel, well, a bit more voluptuous than the other fruit.

As we know, comparison is the thief of happiness. In those times of doubt we’ve found that it helps to remember all the things we do well. We’re proud that we’re all natural, that we have more than 50% of the RDI* for Vitamin C and that our curves are silky and deliciously sweet. We make a baroque fun and breakfast so much more interesting. We are Calypso® Mangoes and we are wonderfully, uniquely amazing.

If your New Years Resolution is to love your body, we’d like to encourage you to start each day by appreciating your incredible self and all your strengths. Think about what you do well and your unique gifts and talents. Life is here to be enjoyed and you are perfectly you! Invite us for breakfast lunch or a snack and we’ll celebrate our fabulousness, together.

*RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake)



2020 was not the year we were expecting. We’ve been through restrictions, worn masks, had our exercise capped and spent way too much time indoors. It’s fair to say we are heading in to 2020 with some goals to up level our health and enjoy life to the full.

Calypso® Mangoes totally get it. If you’re thinking of making this coming year  the healthiest yet, we’re here to make it happen.

Health starts on the inside and shows on the outside.

Our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. Cells are turned over, muscles and bones are constantly being rebuilt and our skin is replaced every 40-50 days. Our food forms the building blocks for our future self, so we literally are what we eat!

Calypso® Mangoes are nutrient powerhouses, boasting 50% of your RDI* for vitamin C which is essential for making healthy collagen, a building block of connective tissue. If you’re after more vitality, want glowing skin and healthy joints and bones, meeting your daily requirements of Vitamin C is a must!

*RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake)

Produce_LR_Calypso Mangoes_2017_2

Eat well stay well

Move over apples and oranges, there’s a more fun fruit helping you live life to the full!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re busy and stressed you don’t take as much care of yourself? Perhaps you eat more processed food, or you reactively eat on the run rather than proactively planning a balanced diet. You miss out on the bounty of nutrients in fruit and vegetables and before you know it you’re run down and feeling lacklustre.

There’s never been a better time to focus on keeping well and just one Calypso® Mango ticks off your two serves of fruit in the most delicious way. Containing retinol, folate and fibre, as well as being abundant in Vitamin C, Calypso® mangoes not only boost immunity, they also contribute to cell protection from free radical damage. That’s especially good news for us as we age!

A Calypso® mango a day can support you to feel great as you focus on living your most vibrant, healthiest life.




When health is on your agenda, there’s a lot of benefits on offer if you are willing to simplify your diet, focusing on nutrient dense plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and wholegrains and switching out the refined, processed choices.

It’s a well supported fact that increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables reduces risk of coronary heart disease, can increase our intake of soluble and insoluble fibre and top up the micronutrients provided by including a variety the rainbow of colours.

Calypso® Mangoes are a nutrient powerhouse, with just one juicy, silky smooth mango cheek providing you with a serve of fruit and more than 50% of your recommended Vitamin C intake. They also provide you with fibre (around 3 g in one mango), folate, retinol equivalents and less than 80 calories per serve.

To help you add more plants into your day, we’ve come up with 2 days of mouth watering, taste bud delighting, plant focused meals using Calypso® mangoes. You can try them all or pick and choose your favourites.



Calypso Mango Smoothie Bowls 3 Ways


Calypso® mango, banana and cherry smoothie bowl.

Calypso Mango Salsa 3 Ways

Mid Morning

Calypso® mango avocado salsa with seed crackers

Calypso Mango & Qukes Smoked Salmon Rolls


Calypso® mango and smoked salmon

Produce_LR_Calypso Mangoes_2017_2

Mid Afternoon

A perfectly ripe Calypso® mango with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and sprinkle of mixed nuts and coconut chips

Calypso Mango_Portuguese Chicken Skewers with Saute Chilli Mango


Calypso® mango and Portuguese chicken skewers

Recipe_LR_Calypso Mango Vegan Chocolate Bar_Madeleine Lumley_1


Calypso® mango vegan choc coco bars
Recipe created by Madeleine Lumley


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